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Fortnite Off-Road Tire locations: How to get Chonkers Off-Road Tires explained

How to pimp your ride.

Fortnite's Off-Road Tires are an new item introduced in Season 6.

Made available as part of the April 14th, 2021 update, the Conkers Off-Road Tires allow you to modify any vehicle on the map.

As the name suggests, they allow you to easily take the vehicle beyond roads and into the wilderness much easier than with standard tires - including the ability to scale hills and mountains.

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Fortnite Off-Road Tire locations: How to get Off-Road Tires explained

Off-Road Tires are an item which you can find in matches following their debut part way through Season 6.

As with most items, there seems to be a chance it can appear across the map - but there are places where they will spawn more often than others.

Specifically, you should head to gas stations, where it's possible they are waiting inside the garage-area.

Not every gas station has one of these, and even if they do, it's not guaranteed to spawn there - but it's worth paying a visit if you are close by.

If not, you can use your pickaxe to destroy racks of tires, with a chance to then see them spawn - similar to how bashing cars can give you Mechanical Parts this season, for example.

However, unlike Mechanical Parts, they are not a crafting component, but an item you can equip and use. Speaking of which - how do you mod a car with Off-Road Tires?

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How to use Off-Road Tires in Fortnite

Once you have an Off-Road Tire in your inventory, stand next to the vehicle you wish to mod.

Now equip the Off-Road Tire and aim, to bring up a guide showing where it will land.

Aim it at the car, and 'fire', throwing the Off-Road Tire. As soon as it connects, the vehicle will be upgraded. It's as simple as that!

From there, you can jump in the modded vehicle and take it for a spin. With these Chonkers Off-Road Tires, you can take them across hills and up mountains with ease - useful for completing several of the 'drive between these named location' challenges which debuted in the same week.

Enjoy your new ride!