Animal Crossing patch notes: What's new in update 1.2 in New Horizons

What's featured in the latest New Horizons patch.

Reading Animal Crossing patch notes gives you a heads up in the tweaks and changes made in New Horizons.

With major seasonal updates throughout the year, Nintendo will be regularly adding to the game - as well as providing smaller updates with fixes to any bugs and exploits which may have appeared.

If you're playing for the first time, our Animal Crossing tips page can get you off to the best start.

Animal Crossing patch notes: What's new in update 1.2 in New Horizons

Here are the Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 1.2 patch notes, released April 22nd, 2020, with credit to Nintendo and copied verbatim from the official Nintendo support site.

  • The following visiting merchants can now visit the island.
    • Leif (gardening shop)
    • Redd (Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler)
  • Added seasonal events.
  • Addressed issues to further ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

Note new vendors Leif and Redd will appear on your island at random from the introduction of this update. Additionally, if you already started playing a day before installing an update, no new vendor will appear that day - so download the patch before logging on!

All of the above were elaborated further in a reveal earlier this week, and includes Nature Day, a May Day Tour and International Museum Day.

As well as the above documented changes, the update will also introduce the following:

A reduction of interest rates to all savings accounts, as explained in a letter from Tom Nook, with a Bell rug attached as compensation. You can also purchase this again with Nook Miles.


A free gift from Nintendo for downloading the update - a World Map.


Two new shirts on sale in the Nook Store - the Coral and Green Nook Inc. aloha shirts.


Now - be sure to enjoy the Nature Day event while it lasts!

New to Animal Crossing? Our Animal Crossing New Horizons tips can help with the basics. From the off, there's fish and bugs to catch, flowers and fruit to grow, villagers to add or remove and tools such as the new ladder and vaulting pole to collect. Once you have settled in, you'll want to be making as many Bells as possible, start collecting K.K. Slider songs and work on your island star rating, increase your HHA ranking, incorporate Feng Shui into your room design and acquiring kitchen furniture. Recently added were Leif and Redd, who deals in fake art. Don't forget to partake in Wedding Season!

What were the previous Animal Crossing patch notes?

Here's what was changed in previous patch notes for the game:

Update 1.1.4 (April 6th)

According to Google translate - and confirmed by OatmealDome on Twitter - it provides a reduction of Eggs for Bunny Day:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Rex Kurushima to receive "Platinum Kogane" and pass different items to different models.
    • After the update, pass the "Platinum Kogane" to Rex again, and you will receive the correct model.

Balance adjustment

  • During the Easter event, the appearance rate of some eggs has been adjusted until April 11, 2020.
    • Eggs are easier to collect on the day of Easter (April 12, 2020).

Update 1.1.3 (April 3rd)

  • Fixed a bug where balloons would not fly under certain conditions.

Hope that helps you get all the recipes and Eggs you need for Bunny Day...

Update 1.1.2 (April 2nd)

  • Fixed an issue where an animal you've invited to move from another island doesn't actually move, leaving the plot of land allocated for them to move to sold and unoccupied.
    • How this issue will be resolved in affected save data: After the software is updated to Ver. 1.1.2, the sold plot of land will revert to being available, and a new animal will become able to move there again.
    • Note: Unfortunately, the animal that was originally invited to move to your island when the issue occurred will not return to their original island, nor will their plan to move to your island be carried out.
  • Fixed an issue where a request from Tom Nook for the Resident Representative to find a plot of land for new residents disappears.
    • How this issue will be resolved in affected save data: After the software is updated to Ver. 1.1.2, if the island is developed to a certain point (Nook's Cranny is either under construction or completed), the next time the Resident Representative plays the game, a special event will trigger during the island-wide broadcast and the story will move forward.
  • Fixed an issue where, after deleting a resident, it becomes impossible to move their house and/or other structures.
    • How this issue will be resolved in affected save data: After the software is updated to Ver. 1.1.2, it will once more become possible to request that these structures be moved.
  • Fixed an issue where both Nook Miles and Bells are subtracted when you use Nook Miles Tickets to go on a Mystery Tour and purchase an item from Wilbur.
  • Other adjustments were made to improve the game play experience.

Update 1.1.1 (March 26th)

  • Fixed a serious bug affecting game balance.

When will future Animal Crossing updates arrive?

Though we've only seen the first updates for the game, we anticipate any future patches - such as for seasonal events - to arrive in the early hours UK time (around 1am GMT), based on when Nintendo has released previous game updates and download releases.

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