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Net this Switch OLED bundle with three games and a 256GB SD Card for less than £400 from Currys

Includes Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing New Horizons and Minecraft!

Whilst the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles might be tantalising options for a new console to buy, the Nintendo Switch is still going strong with several heavy hitters still releasing such as Bayonetta 3, and Tears of the Kingdom – aka Breath of the Wild 2 – in May 2023.

With that in mind, should you not currently own a Switch – or are looking to upgrade to a newer model with improved specs – this Switch OLED bundle might be the one for you, going for just £399 at Currys.

Let’s dive into what you get in this bundle…

First off – the key drawing point of this bundle – is the Switch OLED itself. Functionally the same as the original Switch, this particular model – as its name suggests – comes loaded with an OLED screen. Providing a big jump in quality from the original Switch model, the OLED screen provides the best avenue to experience Switch titles, with colours and worlds feeling much more alive and true to their artistic intent. Compared to the original, whilst the OLED is slightly heavier, its display is 7 inches, rather than the Switch’s 6.2. Additionally, the OLED has a bigger internal hard drive of 64GBs, compared to Switch’s 32GBs – and if that’s not enough, with this bundle, you’re getting an extra 256GBs on top of that via the included SD card. This is perfect if you plan on regularly picking up and playing different games on your Switch.

Speaking of games, this bundle contains three critically-acclaimed additions, each filled with potentially endless hours of gameplay. It's worth bearing in mind that if you were to buy these three games separately and at full price, you're probably looking at spending just under £100. The Switch OLED retails for £309.99 and the Nintendo-licensed SanDisk 256 GB Memory Card is priced at £39.99, so all in all you're saving just under £51 in total.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a remastered version of the original game, previously released on Wii U, now playable on Switch, and is one of the most notable and popular party games for the system. In the past few months, the game has expanded beyond its launch offerings too, with the offer of an additional season pass adding more tracks every few months, acting as a way you can expand its playable content should you desire more. In itself though, it’s as addictive as it is frustrating but fun, it’s a must-play, particularly with friends and family.

If you’re looking for a game a bit more relaxed, less chaotic and – hopefully – less stressful, this bundle has that too in the form of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Whilst there’s the running theme of needing to make money to be able to pay off a tanuki travel agent known as Tom Nook, the general gameplay loop of Animal Crossing is one that’s pretty much always calm. This is emphasised by the game’s day and night cycle running parallel to your system clock. Although this can be manipulated for your own gain, there’s a really engaging loop in having a game that mirrors the timings of the real world with objectives that encourage you to check in every now and again to make progress. It’s a fitting game to play to come down from all the hectic mania in Mario Kart 8.

If you want something where you can decide what happens and choose your own gameplay style and difficulty, Minecraft is an almost limitless no-brainer. Whether you’re looking for survival gameplay with a challenge, or a calm experience where you can freely generate and create whatever you desire with unlimited resources, Minecraft is the game for you – it’s a game that lets you fully take control over many of its aspects, and can be a good alternative that can match the individual styles of the other games in this bundle.

Overall, this is a solid bundle and one well worth your time if you’re looking to jump into what the Switch offers.

If you’re just looking to upgrade and don’t need the games or SD card, you can also find Currys also has the Switch OLED available on its own in white, as well as red/blue. They also have the original Switch available too, should you not have much interest in the OLED screen.

As a final note, be sure to enter code ‘FNDDGAMING’ at the checkout to net yourself free next-day delivery on this bundle.

If you’re looking for more deals on Switch consoles, check out our guide on where you can buy the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet limited edition Switch, or this upcoming Black Friday deal on a Mario Kart 8-focused Switch bundle. Otherwise, head on over to Jelly Deals on Twitter and give us a follow to stay up to date on all the latest deals for Switch, games and more.

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