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Animal Crossing Turnips: How to get a good Turnip price in Daisy Mae's Stalk Market

How to make some serious Bells by playing the markets right.

Animal Crossing's Stalk Market is a series tradition which returns in New Horizons.

Though it involves a different seller - Daisy Mae, the granddaughter of Joan from previous games - the concept is still the same. You buy Turnips at a set price and sell them on later in the week - with the aim to make a profit along the way.

Simpler than the real life stock market, there are still many things to consider, including risks which could mean you could lose money along the way. But if you play it right, it's one of the best money making opportunities in the game.

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What time does Daisy Mae show up to sell Turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Turnip seller Daisy Mae is one of several characters who will roam the island on foot, but unlike other vendors such as carpet seller Saharah, you can set your watch to Daisy Mae's arrival.

Daisy Mae will appear in your village every Sunday morning, leaving at 12pm. Previous games saw Joan arrive at 6am, and it's likely the same in New Horizons for any early risers out there.

Talk to Daisy Mae (who will be wandering around your island) and she will sell you Turnips in batches of 10. The price of these Turnips will change week-to-week, and from player-to-player, so provided you are happy with the price, purchase as many as you are comfortable with.

Now you have Turnips, the aim is to sell them in the following week. But no matter what, they must be sold by the following Sunday. Otherwise, the Turnips will rot, and your investment will be lost. Remember - if you get to Saturday afternoon and you sell at loss, it's better to do that than lose it all.

If you've just started playing, note you must have played for at least two or three days before Daisy Mae first appears. You should receive a letter from her in the mail, advertising her services, ahead of her first visit on the coming Sunday.

How to sell Turnips, and what time Turnip prices change each day explained

From Monday morning, you can sell Turnips by visiting Nook's Cranny and talking to Timmy and Tommy. Select the dedicated menu option to learn how much they will buy Turnips for.

The buying price they offer will be different in the morning and afternoon - changing at 12pm - giving you two opportunities to sell Turnips at a different amount.

This means, from Monday to Saturday afternoon, there are 12 total opportunities to sell your Turnips at a higher price than you paid for them.

This is where you must balance risk versus reward. The further into the week you get, the more opportunities you have to see a higher price - but the fewer opportunities you have left to make a sale at all.

As well as on your island, however, there is another way to find better Turnip prices - both when initially buying from Daisy Mae on Sunday, through to selling them to Nook's Cranny throughout the week...

How to play the Stalk Market effectively, and the best way to get a good price for Turnips

A key thing to know about the Stalk Market is every player's Turnip prices - from the rate Daisy Mae sells to the buying price at Nook's Cranny - will be different.

This means with multiplayer, you can visit another player's island and get a better deal than what's being advertised on your island. Checking in on other players is key to ensuring your Turnips won't sold at a loss - and increases your chances of selling at a profit.

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Our recommendation is using social media, WhatsApp or similar group messaging service, or visiting the dedicated subreddit - anywhere you can communicate with others about the best Turnip prices.

You'll want to do this throughout the entire process, starting on Sunday morning for when Daisy Mae arrives (after all, you want to buy low) then announcing to peers when your island is selling them at a decent price (so you can sell high).

As mentioned, either way you want to sell them by Saturday afternoon whether you're making a profit or not, as after that your Turnips will rot.

But the more opportunities you have through other players to sell on at a profit throughout the week, the less likely you'll need to do this.

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Turnip price range: What is a good price to buy and sell Turnips for?

Turnip prices will vary dramatically day-to-day and island-to-island. Though there is seemingly no known lower and upper limit, you can buy Turnips for around 90 to 100 Bells, to be then sold as much as a staggering 600 per Turnip.

Despite what's possible, it's worth remembering those upper extremes are very rare. In general, good Turnip price to aim for is 200 Bells and over - which will see you gain a healthy profit in most instances.

Again - though you ultimately want to get as high a price as possible, remember you need to be cautious throughout the whole process. If time is running out and there is an opportunity to make some profit before the week ends, it might be worth taking that chance than waiting for an offer which might never come.

Ultimately, playing the Stalk Market is risky business. If you prefer something a little more certain, there are plenty of other money making opportunities out there - from growing and selling fruit to visiting Tarantula Island.

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