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Where to find Romaritime Flower locations in Genshin Impact

A good excuse to go for a swim!

A Romaritime Flower from Genshin Impact on a blurred background of Fontaine city.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Romaritime Flower is one of the local specialty materials in the new Fontaine region introduced in Genshin Impact with the 4.0 update.

It is used as an ascension material for Freminet and Sigewinne in Genshin Impact, both of whom you meet in Fontaine.

As you can finally swim underwater in the new update in Fontaine's vast lake, you'll discover that Romaritime Flowers can be found underwater as well as on the surface. This guide will provide you with the Romaritime Flower locations and what you can use them for.

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What are Romaritime Flowers used for?

Romaritime Flower is an ethereal-looking blue flower that is local to the Fontaine region in Genshin Impact, introduced in the 4.0 update. While it's recommended to find them in an underwater area called Salacia Plain, you'll be able to find them both underwater and near shores throughout the region. As this nation is also home to the Hydro Archon, Romaritime Flowers on the surface require a character who can use Hydro attack in order for it to bloom before you can collect them.

Image credit: HoYoVerse

For now, we know that Freminet and Sigewinne require Romaritime Flowers to ascend, and you'll need 168 of these flowers to fully ascend them. It takes two days for these materials to respawn. As of writing, there are around 80 Romaritime Flowers in Fontaine, so you'll need to fully farm the region at least twice.

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Where to find Romaritime Flowers

Romaritime Flowers are usually found in a bunch together so when you come across one you'll usually be able to collect about three or four more. There's often also another flower that can be found among them such as Marcotte, another local specialty you'll want to consider farming if you want to obtain recipes for some of Fontaine's craftable weapons.

Some of these are found on the surface while some are underwater. Thankfully, HoyYoVerse's official interactive map makes it easy to distinguish, which we've included in our screenshots to help you find these flowers.

Image credit: HoYoVerse

Starting with the surface locations, remember to have a Hydro character for farming these flowers. From the southernmost part of Fontaine, you'll find Romaritime Flowers blooming from a group of small islets and inlets near each other, some with a few enemies you may want to take out so that they don't get in your way of flower picking. It's worth activating a nearby domain to make farming these easier.

Image credit: HoYoVerse
Image credit: HoYoVerse

Romaritime Flowers can also be found on the island further north called the Beryl Region, with a bunch to the south as well as some to the north in a region called Elynas, which also has teleport waypoints conveniently nearby.

Image credit: HoYoVerse
Image credit: HoYoVerse

You can also find these flowers in The Court of Fontaine region, with some located just outside the city walls along the shoreline. There's also a small group of Romaritime Flowers not far from Marcotte Station in the northeast part of the map.

Image credit: HoYoVerse

The lion's share of Romaritime Flowers, however, can be found underwater in the huge lake in the centre of Fontaine, which is a great way to make use of Genshin Impact's new underwater swimming mechanics. Again, you'll find most Romaritime Flowers in clusters, but since you're already underwater you won't need to use any other mechanics to collect them.

Image credit: HoYoVerse

We should note that there are also supposed to be Romaritime Flowers found in another underwater/underground part of Fontaine, which according to the interactive map should be in the same location as Merusea Village, but we were unable to find any in our exploration, so there may still be another overlapping underwater section.

Good luck finding Romaritime Flowers!

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