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Genshin Impact A Certain Notice location and walkthrough

How to start this Fontaine World Quest.

Ianune sitting on a blue chair with his hand on his head.
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A Certain Notice is a small World Quest available in the Fontaine region of Genshin Impact.

All you have to do to complete this side quest is talk to some Gestionnaires in the Court of Fontaine City as they work out some confusing internal affair issues.

The hardest part is actually finding the quest, so we've listed the location of A Certain Notice in Genshin Impact below, along with a very short walkthrough for A Certain Notice.

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Genshin Impact A Certain Notice location

The 'A Certain Notice' World Quest in Genshin Impact is located inside the Palais Mermonia building at the top of the northwestern corner of the Court of Fontaine city.

Map highlghting a statue of seven near the palais mermonia in Fontaine.
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To unlock A Certain Notice you first have to complete the Chapter 4, Act 2 Archon Quest 'As Light Rain Falls Without Reason'. Once you've completed this main story act, you can speak with Iaune in the Palais Mermonia to start the quest.

Raiden shogun playable character beside ianune sitting down in the palais mermonia.
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Genshin Impact A Certain Notice walkthrough

While speaking with Iaune in the Palais Mermonia, Iaune asks the Traveler who he should speak with about the issue of leaked documents being snapped by Kameras inside the building. There are two options here, but it actually doesn't matter whether you pick Gattineo or Difor, as you'll eventually have to speak with both of them anyway.

The traveler and paimon speaking with ianune in the palais mermonia.
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After talking to both Gattineo and Difor you then need to speak with Roialte, who 'solves' the problem for Iaune. The flustered Gestionnaire tries to explain to the Traveler and Paimon why the Palais Mermonia operates this way, but the pair are understabdably confused.

After chatting with Iaune, you will complete A Certain Notice and get the following rewards:

  • x3 Hero's Wit
  • 150 Adventure EXP
  • 20,000 Mora

To continue this beaurocratic storyline, you then need to wait until 8am the next day and return to Iaune to start the 'A Certain Trifle' World Quest. Once you complete that, you'll unlock the last quest, 'A Certain Stamp', and completing this third World Quest finally finishes the Palais Mermonia Gestionnaires questline.

Raiden shogun playable character standing in the middle of the palais mermonia with rewards noted to the left and paimon text saying to wait until the morning.
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