Fortnite News

Three years later, Fortnite finally loses "Early Access" label

As Epic "slows" development of original PVE mode.

Fortnite holds its first movie night this Friday

With one of three Christopher Nolan films on offer.

Fortnite has quietly removed police cars

Source confirms deliberate change following murder of George Floyd.

Fortnite live event servers hit capacity 30 minutes early

UPDATE: Epic "overwhelmed", as 12m surge into game.

Fortnite's new season hit by another delay

UPDATE: Live event and new season postponed again.

Fortnite will debut new trailer for Christopher Nolan's next film Tenet

UPDATE: Full Nolan film to screen in-game this summer.

Fortnite to hit PS5 and Xbox Series X at launch

Will migrate to Unreal Engine 5 in mid-2021.

Fortnite's eye-popping live concert hits 12.3m all-time player record

UPDATE: Nearly 28m across all performances.

Epic finally releases Fortnite for Android on Google Play

Criticises Google's "scary" tactics.

Fortnite is getting a Harley Quinn crossover

UPDATE: Love and War limited-time event detailed, but no sign of Harley Quinn.

Fortnite's first update of 2020 adds weapon side-grading

As the game's longest-ever season draws to a close.

Fortnite was 2019's top-grossing game, despite 25% revenue dip

As UK game spending shrinks slightly year-on-year.

Free Fortnite skins on offer as Winterfest event launches

And get the Millennium Falcon as a glider.

Here's what happened in Fortnite's Star Wars live event

As Epic's launcher struggles to cope with demand.

Fortnite annual battle pass with exclusive skins leaked

UPDATE: Will now no longer be released... but Bao Bros. will.

Of course, Star Wars is now in Fortnite

Stormtrooper skin free when you buy Jedi: Fallen Order via Epic.

British tabloids turn on banned Fortnite teen

For making lots of money, it seems.

Children's commissioner calls on UK government to regulate loot boxes under the Gambling Act

Following new report highlighting children's concerns about their in-game spending.

Fortnite pulled off a brief but spectacular finale - and now the world waits

Twitch and Mixer struggle as millions watch live.

Fortnite finally dates its end of season 10 live event

Looks like servers will be switched off straight after.

New legal challenge accuses Epic of "knowingly" creating the "very, very addictive game", Fortnite

"If we knew it was so addictive it would ruin our child's life, we would never have let them start playing Fortnite."

Fortnite season 11 release date delayed

We're in the endgame now.

Fortnite brings back two fan-favourite locations today

One rains tacos, the other hosts a prop hunt.

Fortnite begins Borderlands crossover event

While Borderlands 3 releases in a Fortnite.

Finally, Fortnite has nerfed the mech

Felt B.R.U.T.E., might delete later.

Epic Games hit with class-action lawsuit over hacked Fortnite accounts

"Fortnite users have an ongoing interest in ensuring that their personal information is protected from past and future cyber-security threats."

Fortnite rips up Tilted for new Wild West theme

Mechs no changes to its overpowered robots.

15-year-old from Essex secures £1m in Fortnite World Cup winnings

"Then the dog ate his birth certificate and this is not a joke."

Fortnite update readies game for apocalyptic end of season battle

Plus Overtime and second birthday challenges.

Mental health organisation outlines problems facing the games industry

Encourages developers to share their stories.

Portals in Fortnite tied to Stranger Things crossover event

UPDATE: Dancing Demogorgons incoming.

This week, Parliament gave a squirming EA and Epic a kicking

And now the noose is tightening around loot boxes, aka "surprise mechanics".

"I tried to cancel Fortnite," says Former Epic Games director

"That game would not have passed my bar."

Epic under fire as report says Fortnite teams facing "endless" 70-hours-a-week-plus crunch

"The only people that got away with not doing crunch were... the guys... telling people to crunch."

Fortnite's latest patch reverts popular health-on-kill changes

"Resulted in an unhealthy level of aggressive play."

Fortnite vending machines now drop free swag

Plus changes to cross-play matchmaking.

Artists forced to temporarily drop Fortnite dance lawsuits following Supreme Court ruling

"We will continue to vigorously fight for our clients' rights."

Fortnite season eight ditching planes in favour of bananas and snakes

Stop asking about double pump, it's not happening.

Epic Games now suing Norwich's Fortnite Live festival

UPDATE: Organiser says it has ceased trading.

Fortnite's dreaded Infinity Blade sword is back

Now in a limited-time mode, as it always should have been.

Fortnite season 8 battle pass will be given away free

Just complete a new set of in-game challenges.

Today's big Fortnite update adds mobile controller support

Icy grenades in, heavy shotgun out.

Today's Fortnite patch adds snowmen disguises

But removes the grappler, port-a-fortress and more.

Fortnite's being sued again, this time by Orange Shirt Kid's mum

Meanwhile, Forza removes Carlton and Floss emotes.

Epic legal threat silences prolific Fortnite leaker

UPDATE: Epic says leaker was advertising modification tools.

Fortnite is adding the sword from Infinity Blade, and changing its map again

UPDATE: Patch notes confirm it's a one-time drop.

Fortnite is getting a major new sandbox mode, separate from battle royale

UPDATE: Launches tomorrow if you buy a Season 7 Battle Pass.

Fortnite maker Epic takes on Steam with its own PC games store

And it'll give 88% of revenue to developers.

Fortnite on "nearly half" of all Nintendo Switch consoles

And other things we learned from Nintendo's latest financial results.

Fortnite is getting in-game tournaments in next update

Compete "alongside the pros for prizes and glory".

PlayStation chief on why Sony took so long to enable console cross-play

"Enabling cross-play isn't just about flipping a switch…"

Fortnite season six is Halloween themed, adds pets

Plus a new floating island and a way to turn invisible.

Fortnite Monopoly is now available for pre-order

UPDATE: Epic confirms October release date.

Fortnite anti-gravity bug causes chaos at grand finals

Where we dropping? No, seriously...

Esport "killer games" aren't right for Olympics, says IOC

"We cannot have ... a game which is promoting violence."

Fortnite is getting a mysterious new High Stakes event next week

Includes a Getaway mode, snazzy new suit.

Epic boss criticises Google decision to publicise Fortnite flaw

Says Google is trying to "score cheap PR points."

Fortnite fans think something big is about to happen in-game

UPDATE: Goodbye rift, hello giant space cube.

Fortnite fans spot sky rift starting to shrink

The countdown to season six begins.

Fortnite launches on Android

But only for some Samsung devices.

Looks like Fortnite's new sniper will shoot through walls

And it'll add clay pigeon shooting.

Fortnite adds tribute to failed rescue attempt

"The legacy of Chappadoodle lives on."

Fortnite's anything-goes Playground mode returns this week

Plus exclusive Battle Royale outfits for Founders.

Epic responds to reports players were cheating in Fortnite's Summer Skirmish

"Unsportsmanlike conduct from participants [...] will not be tolerated."

Fortnite season five adds karts, rifts, new areas

And gyro controls on Nintendo Switch.

Sony offers hope on PS4 console cross-play

"We're looking at a lot of the possibilities."

NHS to fund its first internet addiction clinic

And it'll focus on gaming disorder.

Fortnite adds a football stadium to the map

And several makeshift pitches just in time for the World Cup.

Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch today

UPDATE: Out now in North America, later tonight in Europe.

Epic to provide $100m for Fortnite esports prize pools

And that's just for the first year.

Fortnite's jetpacks finally take flight tomorrow

UPDATE: And here's how they work.

Fortnite hits Android this summer

Mobile version will soon get a lot better.

Fortnite's Thanos Infinity Gauntlet event ends tomorrow

You should have gone for the head.

Fortnite's Thanos nerf / buff merry-go-round continues

Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe.

Epic has already nerfed Thanos in Fortnite

You... will never be... a god.

Twitch Prime members get another set of exclusive Fortnite goodies

New skin, emote, back bling, and pickaxe.

The mainstream media's inevitable attack on "addictive" Fortnite has begun

"The other day I spent £8 just so his character could do a dance."

Fortnite season 4 begins tomorrow

"Brace for impact."

Meteors are finally crashing to earth in Fortnite

As Epic teases Battle Pass Season 4's theme.

Fans now think that Fortnite's mysterious meteor is the work of aliens

UPDATE: Emergency broadcast system now activated. Impact imminent?

Fortnite teases guided missiles and Easter event, both arriving "soon"

Plus more exclusive items for Twitch Prime members.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is getting a replay editor

Capture and review your played matches "soon".

Here's how Fortnite Battle Royale looks on smartphone

UPDATE: Now everyone can play without needing an invite.

Fortnite's new Teams of 20 limited time event launches tomorrow

UPDATE: Here's everything in the new 3.2 patch.

Fortnite's jetpacks delayed, Epic launches Twitch Prime exclusive cosmetics and heroes

UPDATE: Gawp at the goodies in the newly arrived 3.1.0 release.

"We could be the biggest game in the western world"

UPDATE: Fortnite Battle Royale's big map update goes live tomorrow.

Gearbox to publish Epic's Fortnite on disc

Four days before digital version, year before it goes free-to-play.

Epic boss accuses Microsoft of trying to "monopolise game development on PC"

UPDATE: Microsoft responds, insists UWP is "a fully open ecosystem".

Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly regains independence

Announces work has begun on an unannounced game.

Fortnite confirmed for Mac, beta this autumn

New trailer showcases zombie killing rave.

New Fortnite video debuts upcoming weapons, enemies and traps

Watch a half-hour of new gameplay footage.

Will Epic's Fortnite come to PS4 and Xbox One?

Lead dev discusses how Epic's evolved and Fortnite's future potential.

Epic Games' Fortnite reappears in new footage

Alpha sign-ups open now, too.

Epic Games president Mike Capps retires

Transitions into an advisory role.

Cliff Bleszinski does the unreal and leaves Epic

"It's time for a much needed break."

Fortnite detailed at PAX Prime; Minecraft meets DayZ

"Cooperative sandbox survival game" debuts Unreal Engine 4.

Fortnite to debut Unreal Engine 4

The end of days... for Unreal Engine 3.