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Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition pre-order now available at these retailers

Limited edition console due for release on 30th October.

The previously announced Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition is now widely available for pre-order ahead of its upcoming release on 30th October in Europe.

Odd listings have popped up since the limited edition Fortnite Switch was announced back in September, but now more major retailers are starting to put pre-orders for the console live.

With an RRP of £279.99, the Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition includes a Switch console and dock featuring a unique design on the front and back, an exclusive yellow and blue Joy-Con controller pair, a pre-installed copy of Fortnite and a Wildcat Bundle download code. This bundle grants you the Wildcat Outfit, a Sleek Strike Back Bling and 2000 V-Bucks to spend in-game.

Given the popularity of the Switch around the Black Friday and Christmas period, the Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition seems perfectly pitched for this gift-giving time of the year. If you're looking to pick it up, here's where it's currently available to pre-order.

Where to pre-order the Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition:

Retailer Price
Amazon UK Pre-order for £279.99
Nintendo Official UK Store Pre-order for £279.99
ShopTo Pre-order for £279.85
Very Pre-order for £279.99
Amazon DE Pre-order for €309.99

If you're looking for anything to go with the console, you should definitely consider a Nintendo Switch SD card to ensure you have enough storage for any other game installs - follow that link for our top picks. You can also head over to Jelly Deals for even more Switch accessories recommendations.

The Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition launches in just a week on 30th October. While we don't expect any mega-discounts on the console this year, you could also take a look at our page dedicated to all the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals to see what other bundle offers could be available this November.

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