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Fortnite Slipstreams: how to ride the Slipstream around Neo Tilted and Mega Mall

All you need to know about Fortnite's Slipstreams.

Slipstreams are a new addition to Fortnite, allowing you to get around the map fast, whilst riding the Slipstream around Neo Tilted and Meg Mall is one of Fortnite's many Weekly Challenges.

As usual, completing it will give you additional XP to help go towards your many Season 9 rewards.

Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. What's new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection and Eren Jaeger skin. It's a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Slipstream locations and how Slipstreams work

There are three Slipstreams in Fortnite: one around Neo Tilted, one around Mega Mall, and one large Slipstream in the centre of the map that connects the two.

Here are the Slipstream locations you can find on the map:

Fortnite Slipstream locations map

Helpfully, Fortnite's three Slipstreams are easily visible from the battle bus, and on the map itself, too. We've highlighted them in blue in the image above but as you'll see close up, they look like clear tunnels, with little dashes along the way to mark each Slipstream hoop that keeps you speeding along.

Here are their specific locations:

Neo Tilted Slipstream, around the outskirts of the entire city.

Mega Mall Slipstream, again around the outskirts of the settlement:

Between Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, running from Neo Tilted down the length of the river and back up to Mega Mall, and then north and across from Mega Mall back down again to Neo Tilted, in a big loop.

There are a handful of other things to bear in mind about Slipstreams and how they work, too.

Slipstreams explained: how do Slipstreams work?

  • You can enter Slipstreams at any point - as soon as you hop into th sort of 'wind tunnel' affect you can see in the air, you'll be on board.
  • There are specific points that help you enter from the ground - like in the image above, there are plenty of stations that let you access a Slipstream from ground level without having to otherwise build your way up to it, or drop or glide into it from the air.
  • You can change directions at any time in a Slipstream - simply look around in the opposite direction quickly and get doing.
  • You can't shoot or use items while in the Slipstream.
  • You can leave the Slipstream at any point - simply point the camera and your directional movement out of the Slipstream and you'll shoot out of it, with some nice momentum if you want to get gliding, too.

How to ride the Slipstream around Neo Tilted

For the first part of the Week 1 Challenges, you are tasked with the following:

  • Ride the Slipstream around Neo Tilted

Riding the Slipstreams is super easy for the Challenge this week, but here are a few things to bear in mind just in case.

You can hop on at any point - simply walk, jump, fall or glide into the flowing wind to enter the Slipstream and get going.

Steer yourself vaguely in the direction of the next hoop to stay in the stream itself.

We actually rode the entire Slipstream around Neo Tilted without it being marked as completed, but exiting the Slipstream and re-entering it seemed to straighten things out: it was immediately ticked off as completed once we re-entered it from the nearby Slipstream over the river.

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How to ride the Slipstream around Mega Mall

For the second part of the Week 1 Challenges, you are tasked with the following:

  • Ride the Slipstream around Mega Mall

Riding the Slipstream around Mega Mall works exactly the same as it does for riding the one around Tilted.

We entered the Mega Mall Slipstream from the big joining one that loops between the two areas, as it goes right by it on the western side.

Ride it all the way around the area just to be sure, which again is simple enough as it's one big circular loop.

By the time you reach the place you entered the challenge should be marked as completed. For us, it was ticked off as soon as we entered the Mega Mall Slipstream from the big connecting one, but if in doubt simply exit it and re-enter it from a platform or any other means, and it should be marked as completed.

That's it! If you're still working your way through Challenges, head over to our main Fortnite Challenges hub for advice on completing plenty more.