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Fortnite Cloaked IO Build Jammer location

How to complete the Resistance story quest.

Working out where to find and destroy a cloaked IO Build Jammer in Fortnite is one of the Rebuilding quests in Chapter 3 Season 2.

It's proving to be one of the more difficult challenges in the questline because, unlike previous steps, the game doesn't recommend any locations on the map to help.

Matters are made more difficult by the fact that - as you might have guessed - the location in question is cloaked, and reveals itself only when you get close.

On this page are two recommendations for where to find a cloaked IO Build Jammer location in Fortnite.

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Fortnite IO Build Jammer location in Camp Cuddle

One IO Build Jammer location is found north of Camp Cuddle.

Find the road running along the outside of the map that goes north, and on the outside bend of the river will be the location.

Specifically, it's found on a small mound near some rocks.

Destroy the Build Jammer to complete the challenge.

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Fortnite IO Build Jammer location in Daily Bugle

Another IO Build Jammer location is found within the boundaries of The Daily Bugle.

Around the named location is a crater, with multiple webs covering a path that runs around the outside.

On the north-side, underneath a web, is a step you can drop down.

Within this area you'll find the cloaked IO Build Jammer, which will reveal itself once you get close.

Now destroy the Build Jammer to complete the challenge.

Whichever IO Build Jammer you opt for, congratulations on completing the Rebuilding quest!

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