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Where to find the Cash Register Key and how to complete the Meddling Mirabel quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Plus, how to craft glass and find scallops to help Mirabel settle a family feud.

Finding the Cash Register Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the many steps you need to take to complete the Meddling Mirabel quest. Mirabel meant well when she tried to diffuse an argument between Donald and Scrooge, but things went awry and now it's up to you to fix it.

Losing access to his money via losing his Cash Register Key definitely hasn't improved Scrooge's mood in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So, with a few clues to go on, it's up to you to find it and to help Mirabel make up for her attempt at reuniting the duck duo.

Without further ado, we're going to show you where to find the Cash Register Key and how to complete the Meddling Mirabel quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to start the Meddling Mirabel quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The 'Meddling Mirabel' quest is accessible as soon as you reach level seven friendship with Mirabel. As soon as you hit this level, you will see a purple icon marker appear above Mirabel's head.

When you are ready to begin the quest, walk up to her and start to talk to her. She will then reveal that her well-intentioned intervention between Scrooge and Donald went very wrong.

Mirabel really did have good intentions.

Then, she will task you with speaking to both of them. Scrooge will say a Raccoon ran off with his key after Donald fell into the river and Donald will tell you a more embellished version of the story.

You will then be tasked with finding Scrooge's key and with feeding some Raccoons as Donald's yelling scared them.

Where to find the Cash Register Key

The Cash Register Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in the Forest of Valor.

Have your spade at the ready, the Raccoons have indeed buried his key. It will be pretty easy to spot as the Key will be sticking out of the ground and sparkling at you.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a cash register key is buried in the ground and sparkling
Keep your eyes on the ground.

Once you find it, dig it up as you would with any other material and pick it up.

Feeding the Raccoons

As you are already in the Forest of Valor, you can pick some Blueberries off of the bushes scattered around the area. These are Raccoon's favourite berries, though they enjoy Raspberries too.

You can find out more about feeding Raccoons in our Critter's favourite food guide, but the main rule is that you need to be patient while feeding them.

When a Raccoon spots you, do not approach it until it has crouched down. If it standing up straight on it's back legs (kind of like a Meerkat), do not go near it. If you do, you will spook it and you will need to start approaching it again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, Red Raccoon is sitting down in the Forest of Valor
Their name is now 'Rusty'. Fitting for a Raccoon huh?

Gradually edge closer to the Raccoon until it sits down in front of you. When it does, press the prompted control to approach it and then select your chosen berry from your backpack to feed it.

You need to do this twice with different Raccoons. You can't feed the same one twice.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's December update is here! You can now add Jack Skellington to your valley, use multiplayer and remove villagers. For more help, check out our recipe list, how to upgrade your house, have multiple player homes, critters' favourite foods and redemption codes. Finally, don't forget to visit our future and current character list to see who might be visiting the valley next!

How to find Scallops and Clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After giving the key back to Scrooge and speaking with Mirabel, she comes up with another idea. This one means that you need to make a frame and bake a specific recipe, though the frame can take a bit of work.

To make the frame, you will need to have:

  • x8 Glass (x5 Sand and x1 Coal)
  • x10 Softwood (Everywhere)
  • x5 Clams (Dazzle Beach)
  • x5 Scallops (Dazzle Beach)

Scallops and Clams can be found on Dazzle Beach. We found all of our Clams and Scallops near the shoreline on both sections of Dazzle Beach, though the majority spawned near Donald's house.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, character is looking down a blue scallop on the beach
Scallops are Blue, Clams are Pink.

Only a few Scallops and Clams will spawn at a time, so if you've collected all of them and don't have enough, leave the area then come back to get them to respawn.

Softwood can be found in most of the areas on the map, though the easiest places to find it are the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.

You need to craft Glass at a crafting bench using x5 Sand and x1 Coal.

Craft the Frame

Once you have all of the materials, head to a crafting bench to make the frame.

The crafting option for the frame will come under the 'Furniture' tab at the top of the crafting bench menu. If you're unsure, there should also be a small photo of Mirabel on the corner of the frame option.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, crafting bench menu for a frame for Mirabel
Kind of digging the Seashells on the frame...

How to make Red Fruit Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you've made the frame, all you need to do is bake the pie!

The recipe for the Red Fruit Pie is as follows:

  • x1 Raspberry (can be foraged from bushes in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow)
  • x1 Butter (can be bought from Chez Remy)
  • x1 Wheat (seeds and product can be bought from Goofy in Peaceful Meadow)

When you have the ingredients, head to any stove in the game and make the Pie. It's important to note that though Apples are red, they cannot be used for this recipe, it has to be Raspberries.

If this recipe has tingled your tastebuds, we have a best recipes list for making more high-quality dishes.

Is it ok to eat Red Fruit Pie for lunch? Asking for a friend...

Once you have completed all of your tasks, head back to Mirabel to give her the items and wrap up the 'Meddling Mirabel' quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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