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How to dumpster dive for fake relic materials in Fortnite and construct a fake relic at Sleepy Shrubs location

How to clear these two Vibin' challenges quickly.

Dumpster dive for fake relic materials and construct a fake relic at Sleepy Shrubs are stages in Part 4 of the Vibin' quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

You'll need to have completed up to Part 3 of the previous Vibin' challenges in Fortnite to unlock Part 4 and these particular tasks.

Finding a dumpster location to dive for fake relics will earn you 7k XP, as will constructing a fake relic at Sleepy Shrubs. This XP will help you unlock the new Battle Pass skins.

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Fortnite dumpster locations and how to dumpster dive for fake relic materials

To dumpster dive for fake materials as part of the Vibin' challenge, you'll need to head to Tilted Towers. Locating a dumpster and diving in it at any other location won't count toward clearing this task.

Once you've travelled to Tilted Towers, head to the south side of the named area. You'll come across gated sections with large piles of rubble and construction machinery inside.

Although not marked on your minimap like other tasks in Part 4 of the Vibin' quest, the dumpsters are found in and around these gated areas at Tilted Towers.

We found one inside the southernmost gated area at Tilted Towers, and just outside the middle gated area in an alleyway directly across from the taco shop.

Where to find dumpsters at Tilted Towers.

Once you've located a dumpster, press the required button that appears on screen to dumpster dive for fake relic materials. Doing so will complete the challenge, rewarding you with 7k XP and unlock the next part of the Vibin challenge, which asks you to construct a fake relic at Sleepy Shrubs.

Chapter 3 Season 3 has arrived - bringing with it a new Battle Pass, character collection, map locations and Victory Umbrella, along with the return of Victory Crowns. You can now get Indiana Jones skins and cosmetics by completing challenges like collecting relics, damaging opponents in vehicles, and finding the secret door location. It's also good to know how to ride animals, the geyser locations along with where to find a Baller and zipline and use the new Grapple Glove, and if you're after a specific Battle Pass skin, then it's a good idea to know how to get XP fast.

Fortnite construct a fake relic at Sleepy Shrubs location

If you've just dumpster dived for fake relic materials at Tilted Towers, you can now make your way north to Sleepy Shrubs, where you'll have to construct a fake relic to clear the next bit of this Part 4 Vibin' quest.

To construct the relic, go to the northern section of Sleepy Sound, on the east side of the docks. There will be a glowing white outline by some trees. Hold down the required button to construct the fake relic at Sleepy Shrubs and clear this stage of the challenge for another 7k XP. Now that you've completed all four stages, you'll also get 36k XP, and unlock the next set of tasks.

Look out for the white glow to indicate where you should construct a fake relic.

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