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Fortnite Visitor Recording locations, White Visitor Scientist skin location explained

Where to find the Out of Time collectable locations and a bonus skin for your efforts.

Visitor Recording locations are a series of Out of Time challenges in Fortnite.

These are collectables found across the map just as Season X draws to a close. Each challenge tasks you with finding two of these locations, with more revealed as the Out of Time challenge set went on throughout the week.

All Fortnite Visitor Recording locations are now available to find - at Floating Island, Retail Row, Moisty Palms, Greasy Grove, Starry Suburbs and Gotham City.

Doing all of these also unlocks a White Visitor Scientist skin when you then visit one last location.

Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. What's new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection and Eren Jaeger skin. It's a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

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Once Season X ends and Fortnite Season 11 begins, the Out of Time set will no longer be available - so make sure you get them this week while they're there.

Fortnite Visitor Recording location on the Floating Island explained

Head to the Floating Island - note the position of this location changes from match-to-match, but is visible easily enough from the Battle Bus.

Land to the north, where there is a house oriented to the side. In front of that house - or to the west of it - is a yellow truck.

The Floating Island Visitor Recording location is on the back of that truck.

Fortnite Visitor Recording location in Retail Row explained

You'll want to land in the east part of Retail Row, where there is the row of shops.

Find McGuffin's, which is the second building from the bottom.

Head inside and go up the stairs to the upper floor. At the top of the stairs will be the Retail Row Visitor Recording location.

Fortnite Visitor Recording location in Moisty Palms explained

In Moisty Palms, go to the 'Paradise Palms' part of the named location, and find the large hotel to the north.

You want to land on the roof of this hotel, as on the very top wall running through the middle of the Moisty Palms Visitor Recording location.

Fortnite Visitor Recording location in Greasy Grove explained

Head to Greasy Grove and find the main diner - with the Tacos sign on the top - that's located in the north-west of the location.

Go through the main entrance, and head to the back right corner. On the way to the two doors at the end, you'll find the Greasy Grove Visitor Recording location on one of the tables on the left.

Fortnite Visitor Recording location in Starry Suburbs explained

Find the tallest building in Starry Suburbs - it's in the middle, has a pinkish colour and has a pointed roof on one end.

Head inside and head two floors up. From the stairs, head right into the room, and the recording will be on the bed.

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Fortnite Visitor Recording location in Gotham City explained

Head to the north-west side of Gotham City, and where the 'T' is on the map, is a cinema on the road.

Directly in front of the cinema, in the middle of the road, is the Gotham City Visitor Recording location.

How to get the White Visitor Scientist skin

Once you have unlocked all six Visitor Recordings, you can then unlock a White version of the Visitor Scientist Skin by heading to Dusty Depot while wearing the regular Scientist skin.

You need to head to the north-most warehouse - the one with the rocket and the countdown timer above it.

Once inside, investigate the bank of consoles to the side on the ground floor.

This will play all recordings in order. If done correctly, the Scientist skin should turn white straight away.

Once the match is over, the White Visitor Scientist skin is yours.

If it doesn't work, make sure you are wearing the Scientist skin as you do it. (And if you haven't unlocked it yet, you need to do the Touch a giant glowing cube challenge steps.

That's all the Fortnite Visitor Recordings done! Now to finish any remaining Challenges you have left ahead of the new season...

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