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How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23

Including tips and tricks for performing Power Shots.

The Power Shot is a new skill in FIFA 23 that adds extra power and accuracy to shooting, but at a cost of time, and it also requires a higher degree of input precision.

Any player can Power Shot, and there are even a few Moments in FUT that require you to perform one, like the 'Power Shots' and 'First Professional Contract' challenges, so we'll detail everything about how to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23 below, including some helpful tips to make the most out of using the skill.

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How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23

As we mentioned above, any player can do a Power Shot in FIFA 23, but you're going to have an easier time scoring with the new skill if a player has high Shot Power, Finishing, Long Shot, and Composure Attributes.

More specifically, the Finishing Attribute will help if the Power Shot is taken inside of the box, with the Long Shots Attribute helping if shooting outside of the box.

Mbappé's high Finishing and Shot Power Attributes makes him great for scoring Power Shots inside the box.

With that important information out of the way, you'll need to know how to actually do the new move!

To Power Shot in FIFA 23 on PlayStation, all you need to do is hold L1 + R1 + Circle at the same time. The longer you hold Circle, the harder the player will hit the ball. If playing with an Xbox controller, you should pres LB + RB + B instead to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23.

You'll know you've successfully started a Power Shot when the camera starts to zoom in on the player you are controlling.

The player will slow down and the camera will start to zoom when doing a Power Shot.

Just keep in mind that while this new mechanic is great for adding force behind a shot, you will have to be very accurate with where you're pointing the left thumbstick, and how hard you're hitting the ball. It might take a while to get used to the timing and precision, but to help you out now, we've got some tips for Power Shooting in FIFA below.

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Power Shot tips and tricks for FIFA 23

To help you score with Power Shots more often, we've got some tips to help you out:

  • To cancel a Power Shot, press the pass or through ball button instead to get the ball to a teammate if you think the shot might go wide or get blocked by a defender.
  • Make sure you're only attempting a Power Shot (if you're trying to score) while you have a good amount of space around the player you're controlling. It might only take a second or two longer than a normal shot, but that time is precious when trying to shoot, and defenders will become more aggressive toward the player taking a Power Shot, lowering your chance of a clear line of site to the goal.
  • Because defenders are drawn to those attempting a Power Shot, you can actually lure them toward a player, then cancel the shot and pass to another teammate and create an even better chance to score. We recommend using a through ball near the box to cancel the Power Shot and set up another teammate to score if using this method.
Exhibit A on why you need space to perform a Power Shot.
  • You can still do timed shots while performing a Power Shot! Before a player kicks the ball after the Power Shot animation, press the button to shoot again and a the icon above a player will flash green if you're successful. Just keep in mind that it's a lot harder to nail a timed shot this way, and could take you some time to perfect.
  • You can time a Power Shot if the ball has been chipped or lobbed your way (even from a free kick) so that when you let go of the shoot button when the ball reaches them, the player will take a Power Shot immediately. This means the animation is performed before you have the ball, speeding up the Power Shot process.
  • As the Power Shot has taken over the input for low driven shots, you'll have to hold the shoot button down like normal and then charge it up to around 20 to 30% in order to perform a low driven shot in FIFA 23.

Have fun with those Power Shots in FIFA 23!

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