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Animal Crossing Summer shell: How to find summer shells, DIY recipes, and the summer shell price explained

Everything you need to know about the bright blue shells appearing on your beach.

Summer shells are a seasonal material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This means that, just like cherry blossoms, summer shells only appear on your island at a specific time of year. In the case of summer shells, this time is obviously the season of summer.

Summer shells also have a collection of beach and underwater themed DIY recipes for you to find and craft. If you're not interested in those, then summer shells also fetch a good price at Nook's Cranny.

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Summer shell season dates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

During the summer months in New Horizons, you might notice a new blue shell appear on your island's beaches.

This is the summer shell and it can only be obtained during the months of June, July and August in the northern hemisphere.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, then you'll be able to find it during December, January and February.

Don't forget to enjoy the summer sun in New Horizons.

Throughout the summer you'll also be able to find a collection of DIY recipes, which all require summer shells to be constructed. Like the summer shells themselves, these DIY recipes will not be available during the other seasons.

How to find summer shells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

Like all shells in New Horizons, summer shells will wash up onto the beach of your island throughout the day.

Wander along your beach and keep your eyes open for a bright blue shell - that's a summer shell.

There is no set time for when a summer shell will wash up on your beach, which means that, if you've got a desperate need for shells, it's a good idea to visit your beach every couple of hours. This should be enough time for a sizeable amount of shells to appear along the shoreline and, hopefully, some of these will be summer shells.

There's no need to rush finding summer shells though; you've got three months to collect these special shells and their associated DIY recipes, which means you'll easily be able to find and craft them all.

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Summer shell price in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you're in need of some extra bells or just don't like any of the summer shell DIY recipes, then you can sell summer shells Tommy and Timmy at Nook's Cranny.

Each summer shell sells for 600 bells in New Horizons.

This is far more than the other shells and coral that usually wash up on your beaches, which makes selling summer shells a great way to gain some quick bells.

How to find summer shell DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The easiest way to find the summer shell DIY recipes in New Horizons is by shooting down the balloons that float across your island.

Unlike some rewards, summer shell DIY recipes are not confined to a specific balloon colour, such as materials only appearing in blue balloons. This means that you should shoot down every balloon that you see.

Balloons are the best way to find the summer shell DIY recipe set.

You might also find the occasional summer shell DIY recipes in the washed up battles that appear on your island every day or the Mystery Islands that you visit.

Animal Crossing summer shell DIY recipe list: How many are there and which crafting materials do you need?

In total there are eight summer shell DIY recipes for you to learn in New Horizons, which includes a variety of wallpaper, flooring and a bag.

The shell furniture works well with the summer set DIY recipe set.

Below you'll find all the summer shell DIY recipes and the materials required to create them:

Summer Shell ItemMaterials Required
Shell wreathx1 Summer shell
x1 Sea snail
x1 Sand dollar
x1 Coral
x1 Giant clam
x1 Cowrie
Tropical vistax5 Summer shell
Underwater wallx3 Summer shell
x5 Coral
Underwater flooringx3 Summer shell
x3 Coral
Starry-sand flooringx3 Summer shell
x1 Sandy-beach flooring
Water flooringx6 Summer shell
Shellfish pochettex2 Giant clam
x6 Summer shell

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Tips for finding summer shell DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

The main way to find the summer shell DIY recipes in New Horizons is by popping the balloons that float across your island.

Below you'll find a number of tips that will help you find and pop balloons on your island:

  • Bring multiple slingshots. The first rule of farming balloons in New Horizons is to bring at least two slingshots on your mission. This way you won't waste time running between the shore, Nook's Cranny or the nearest DIY bench. Better to splurge on that extra slingshot than miss a balloon after all.
  • Depending on the time of day, balloons will appear on either the west or the east coast of your island. During the daytime, the wind that blows across your island will flow from the west, which means you should patrol the west shores for balloons. At 6pm, however, it will start blowing from the east, which means you should also switch shores.
  • Balloons are more likely to spawn during a minute ending with a '4' or a '9.' For example, 4:04 am or 9:09pm. This also means that balloons spawn roughly every five minutes in New Horizons, so you can easily take a quick break from your Nintendo Switch if you need to.
Make sure you shoot down the balloon in a safe place.
  • Set the camera to rolling mode or pointing at the sky. While you can still see the shadows of the balloons if the camera is in overhead mode, the other two camera settings give you a greater view of the sky, which allows you to see oncoming balloons far easier.
  • Popping a balloon over rocks or water will destroy your present! For this reason always ensure that you're shooting down a balloon over solid earth. It's also a good idea to double check where the present might land - shadows can be deceiving.
  • Listen to the wind. A whistling sound can be heard when a balloon is floating near you and, to find the balloon, investigate the area, keeping an ear to the noise, until you find the flying present.

Good luck on finding all the summer shell DIY recipes!