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Resident Evil 2 - Bejeweled Box, USB Dongle Key, STARS Badge and Library Jack uses

How to complete the Clock Tower and find the Bejeweled Box, USB Dongle Key and Library Jack along the way.

Finding the Bejeweled Box, USB Dongle Key and Library Jack is one of the more stressful parts of Resident Evil 2 - especially now you have Mr X on your tail.

If you haven't ready, make sure you have collected the Club Key, allowing you to find everything you need to reach the Clock Tower and the final Power Part.

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How to solve the Bejeweled Box puzzle

Between Lickers in the corridors and Mr X roaming around, and a lot of key items to find and use, you'll want to be decisive on where you go next.

Assuming you lost Mr X somewhere after the roof, as Leon head to the corridor outside of the Art Room, then go to the stairs in the north and down to 1F, or as Claire, take the ladder up to the Balcony and down the stairs.

You can use the Club Key or Heart Key (as Leon or Claire respectively) at the end of the corridor here, gaining access to the Observation Room or Interrogation Room.

It's time to search both rooms. You'll be able to do as both characters, but the following is written from Leon's perspective. You'll be able to search the opposite room as Claire after you pick up the Bejewelled Box - we won't spoil the surprise as to how, but it'll be obvious.

Inside you'll find some consumables, the Confiscation Report File (which gives you a Safe Code in the Waiting Room on 2F) and the Bejeweled Box.

Combine it with the Red Jewel from the Art Room to open it, giving you the STARS Badge. Examine from behind to get the USB Dongle Key. You can use this in the STARS Office - we'll explain how momentarily.

Before you leave, jump over into the Interrogation Room, meanwhile, for some ammo.

How to solve the Library Jack puzzle

Head back to the Main Hall - be aware that Mr X will smash through the wall just round the corner from the Observation Room - and go 1F, going west through the Reception, and enter the Records Room in the south-west corner using the Club Key. There will be a Licker along the way - either take it out or sprint past it, it's up to you.

As well as some consumables in the Records Room, you'll pick up the Mechanic Jack Handle.

Head to the Library - remember you can get there via the Main Hall - and use the Mechanic Jack Handle on the Jack to prop up the shelf.

Move the shelves across now so all three line up in the middle - creating a bridge on the 3F above you. Clearing out the room of zombies and losing Mr X will make this step much easier, if you can.

This then allows you to reach the Clock Tower.

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Where to use the STARS Badge and USB Dongle Key

While you are here, there are two optional things you can do. If you want to use - and then dispose of - the Diamond Key, then head to the Linen Room on 2F which is between the Lounge and the STARS Office. It features a few consumables and another Portable Safe.

Next go to the STARS Office, use the USB Dongle Key on the PC there to open the Armory, giving you the Lightning Hawk (the Magnum, in other words) as Leon and the MQ 11 Submachine Gun as Claire, and a Letter to STARS Members File.

Once you've done that, and the Library Jack, it's time to visit the Clock Tower.