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Resident Evil 2 - Chess Plug puzzle solution and where to use the Sewer Key

Where to use the Sewer Key before solving the Chess Plug puzzle.

The Monitor Room Plug Puzzle in Resident Evil 2 allows you to wrap up the Sewers area of the game - after you've found the Queen, King and Rook Plugs of course.

Before then, though, we highly recommend you make use of the Sewer Key, allowing you to return to the Police Station one final time to get some valuable upgrades and items.

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Where to use the Sewer Key

The Sewer Key you found above the Bottom Waterway on the way to the Supplies Storage Room can be used in two places here. One is the Water Injection Chamber to the north (make sure the Rook Plug is in the wall so you can use the walkway) for some Gunpowder.

The other is the Worker's Break Room to the west.

Inside you'll find some consumables, and a Jazz Festival Flyer File, which gives you a locker code clue for the Control Room.

Most importantly, there is a locker you can move on the far side of the wall when you get close to it, revealing a hidden elevator.

Take it up to emerge back at the Underground Facility and the Police Station. We found some MAG ammo on the left outside the lift, before taking the stairs up, unlocking the door, to come out at the Underground Stairs just before the boss battle earlier.

Here you can use the STARS Badge (press the button on the back of the USB Dongle) on the Special Weapons Case to get the Long Barrel (Lightning Hawk) upgrade at the bottom here in the case along the wall.

If you don't have it on you, head up the stairs to the Secret Room. Here you can use the T-Bar Valve Handle to get back into the Police Station.

There are two new things to do, thanks to the film you found in the Workroom Sewers - head to the Dark Room and develop the Roll Film Hiding Place receive two photos of hidden locations. Our Hiding Place locations tells you where to go, and doing so will net you a Trophy / Achievement in the process.

Use this opportunity to also tick off any unfinished business in the Police Station, such as the safe codes, portable safe solutions and locker codes.

Ignore trying to access the Chief's Office because Leon won't have access to the Heart Key at all, and don't worry about running into Mr X along the way - there are no new enemies, though bear in mind any zombies or Lickers you didn't kill from your last visit will still be roaming the corridors.

Once done, head back to the sewers via the Secret Room and the Worker's Break Room (again, not forgetting to use the STARS Badge in the Underground Stairs as you go).

There are two routes back to the Monitor Room where you can use the Plugs - by going south via the Lower Waterway (allowing you to use the T-Bar Valve Handle on last time) or going through the Workroom, then the Workroom Lift, then the north path of the Lower Waterway where you'll emerge back in the Control Room, allowing you to open the locker code thanks to the clue on the Jazz Festival Flier (for MAG rounds) before dropping into the Monitor Room. Phew!

Our full Resident Evil 2 walkthrough explains every aspect's of Leon and Claire's campaigns, including Locker Code solutions, the Leon Desk puzzle solution, all Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes and Portable Safe solutions, Hiding Place locations, how to survive Mr X fights and the Chess Plug puzzle solution.

Solving the Chess Plug Puzzle

Now you have all six chess pieces - including the Queen, King and Rook Plugs you can solve the Chess Plug Puzzle. First, get them all in your inventory so you have them to hand. Remember to bear in mind the following rules, as mentioned on the wall:

  • Rook and Knight are on the same wall
  • Bishop and Queen aren't next to each other
  • Queen and Rook are opposite each other

There are some labels next to the panels to help narrow things down, too. When you take all this into consideration, this is the puzzle solution, with the top row being right of the desk (looking north) and the bottom row looking left (south):

  • King, Queen, Pawn
  • Knight, Rook, Bishop

With that done, the path on is clear. Make sure you back your most powerful weaponry - we recommend the Magnum - and head to the Main Power Room to the south, as it's time to tackle the G Tyrant Stage 2 boss and Main Power Room puzzle.