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Resident Evil 2 Hiding Place photo locations

Where to find the two Hiding Place locations in Resident Evil 2's late game.

Resident Evil 2 Hiding Place photo locations is a late-game hunt for two specific locations within the Police Station for some secret rewards.

Unlike safe codes, portable safe solutions and locker codes, you cannot access these as soon as you reach the locations the first time - you have to perform all steps to get the items at the end.

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Where to find the Hiding Place Film and start searching for Hiding Place locations

To get started, you need to first get the Hiding Place Roll Film when exploring the Sewers as part of finding King, Queen and Rook Plug locations.

Specifically this is within the Workroom, which you'll reach after using the T-Bar Valve Handle to access the Workroom Lift down below. You'll also find a Hip Pouch location in the same place, if that helps narrow the location down.

Once you have it, you need to develop the film in the Dark Room by returning to the Police Station using the Sewer Key.

Once you get it, you'll get two Hidden Place photo locations you can now hunt down:

They are pictures of desks somewhere within the Police Station, so aren't the easiest to recognise - but here are the Hidden Place locations you need to find.

Resident Evil 2 Hiding Place locations

There are two Hiding Place locations to find. Remember you cannot access these without having the above Hiding Place photos in your possession first. You can also get them in any order you prefer:

Hiding Place location 1 (weapon upgrade)

You'll find the first Hiding Place location in the STARS Office on the 2F West Wing of the Police Station. As soon as you enter, turn left into the office, and check behind the desk.

Inside is a Wooden Box which contains a weapon upgrade - for Leon this is for the Magnum.

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Hiding Place location 2 (ammo)

You'll find the second Hiding Place location in the Press Room on the 1F East Wing of the Police Station.

Check the desk to the left at the front for some Fuel (as Leon).

When you have checked both Hiding Place locations, you'll receive the Treasure Hunter Trophy / Achievement for your trouble. That should be the Police Station ticked off too, assuming you've also done all the safe codes, portable safe solutions and locker codes solutions.

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