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Resident Evil 2 Mr X fight - How to survive Mr X encounters and how to stop Mr X chasing you

How to escape the clutches of the seemingly unstoppable Mr X in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2's Mr X is one of the game's best and most terrifying moments.

If you didn't play the original Resident Evil 2, Mr X is an indestructible enemy that will stalk you around the Police Station in the game's B Scenarios - but now he appears in the main story, which is bad news for us.

You'll encounter Mr X shortly after you find the Club Key and Heart Key as Leon and Claire respectively.

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How to survive Mr X encounters

Though you can pump Mr X full of ammo to temporarily down him, the best way to deal with him is avoidance.

On your first encounter, turn tail and run back to the nearest safe room - also known as areas with an Item Box and / or a Typewriter - where no enemies, including Mr X, can harm you. As Leon this is the Boiler Room, and as Claire this is the Chief's Office.

Wait until his footsteps disappear, so you know he's gone - for now. From this point onward, Mr X can appear as you explore - hear out for the footsteps to know he's nearby, and if they grow loud, look at the closest door.

If they disappear, you know you can move on. If he does appear through the door, you can either stand your ground and fight - Grenades, Grenade Launcher and Shotgun rounds are best, until he kneels down and your character says it's okay to 'get moving' - or run away and return to the nearest safe room.

It's worth noting that not even the Main Hall is safe - so remembering the quickest route to a safe room is the easiest way to get rid of him. There are also other key locations where he seemingly won't hurt you. These are:

  • Chief's Office (Claire-only safe room)
  • Boiler Room (Leon-only safe room)
  • STARS Office
  • Clock Tower
  • Possibly the Break Room (Leon-only)

You can also lose him as you flee. You'll still hear his footsteps, and as long as you can stay put in a different room, it's sometimes worth waiting to hear if he reaches you. Similarly, if you hear him enter where your location but the music doesn't play, it means he hasn't spotted you, and will explore close by before wandering off again.

Mr X is a stressful presence, but with no ranged attacks, as long as you always have an exit plan - and by now, the Police Station is open enough for you to have multiple routes at once - you can avoid him as long as you stay calm.

Oh, and don't think you can save in the Main Hall when Mr X is nearby then reload to make him disappear. That doesn't work - we tried it.

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How to stop Mr X chasing you

Bad news - there's no way to 'stop' Mr X yourself. You have to continue exploring the Police Station until a set point in the game.

This is when - spoilers - you have completed the Panel Panel Parts puzzle. Once you have done that and the subsequent cutscenes / sequence, depending on your character, he will no longer stalk you in the Police Station.

This means if you have any optional activities to do - such as safe codes, portable safe solutions and locker codes - then if you can wait until after you've completed the main part of the story, then you're life will be much easier.

With that explainer out of the way, it's time for you to actually find those Power Parts. It's time to find the Bejewelled Box, USB Dongle Key and Library Jack.