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Resident Evil 2 - Chief's Office, Heart Key location

What to do in the Chief's Office and where to find the Heart Key as Claire in Resident Evil 2.

The Chief's Office is a Claire-only location in Resident Evil 2, a place you'll visit after exploring the Parking Garage and Morgue.

If you're playing as Leon, there is no way you can visit it, so don't worry about trying to find access.

It's also where you'll find the Heart Key location, again, an item exclusive to the Claire version of the game. As Claire, it's essential to helping you get everything you need to reach the Clock Tower and complete the Power Parts puzzle.

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How to reach the Chief's Office in Resident Evil 2

As mentioned earlier, the Chief's Office is only accessible during the Claire campaign.

First, reach the Morgue and get the Diamond Key, then return to the Elevator Controls Room. Throw the switch and take the elevator up.

The linear corridor leads to the Chief's Office, which acts as a safe room with a Typewriter and an Item Box. There are two files in here - the Copy of Emails to Chief Irons on the desk, and the Taxidermy Log on the central table.

The way out is locked by the Heart Key, so let's get that first.

Heart Key location in Resident Evil 2

Head south out of the Chief's Office, along the short corridor to the Private Collection Room.

There is a locked area to your left, which requires the completion of the Power Panel to complete.

Investigate the Repair Shop Letter File to the south to learn you need two Power Panel Parts - one in the 3F East Storage Room, and the other in the Clock Tower.

These will be your primary objectives to help you get the Parking Key Card, which is locked behind the Power Panel.

To get the Heart Key, collect the Relief at the end of the room.

Investigate it in your inventory and rotate it round, pressing the button prompt.

This will release the Heart Key into your inventory.

Now return back to the Chief's Office and use the key to leave. It's time to go after those Power Panel pieces.

Where to go first after getting the Heart Key

When you leave the Chief's Office, you'll be in stairwell in the north-west of Police Station 2F. Going south is impossible as it requires the Square Crank only Leon has access to. Shoot the Mr Raccoon collectable just by this set of stairs.

Though optional, head south to get the Bejewelled Box, otherwise head up to Police Station 3F, and first use the right door into the East Storage Room. This maze-like room features a few zombies and various consumables, as well as the Large Gear location.

As Claire, you should also head south through the Heart Key door, where you'll find a small cupboard space with the first Electronic Part.

While you are here, don't also forget to shoot the Mr Raccoon statue on the shelving.

Leave and head back to the stairwell to the east, then head south onto the Balcony.

Climb the ladder down, and you'll notice a lever on the right near the helicopter wreckage that does nothing. You need to move the water supply to make this work.

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Head south down the steps, and clear out the zombies here. The way to the Boiler Room is blocked - it's another Leon-only area - but throw the switch on the left wall so it points left.

Return back to the Roof and use the lever again to douse the flames of the wreckage.

Head through the south-east door to the corridor that leads to the helicopter wreckage and ultimately the Art Room. Problem is, you enter an enemy on the way - none other than Mr X.

Our dedicated how to stop Mr X page explains how to deal with this menace, but in short, you should seek refuge in safe rooms wherever possible. The nearest from here is the Chief's Office, so take the ladder back to the Balcony, then the stairwell down to Police Station 2F.

Wait until his footsteps disappear, then if you haven't already downstairs for the Bejewelled Box, then make your way back to the Roof, along the corridor outside the Art Room and into the Main Hall for the Library Jack.