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Monster Hunter Rise sales surpass 11m units

But Resident Evil series still dominates.

Capcom has released its quarterly earnings, and shared some impressive figures for its Monster Hunter series.

As of 30th September, Monster Hunter Rise has topped 11m sales. That is an increase of 1m since July.

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Meanwhile, its expansion title Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has topped 4.4m sales cumulatively.

In addition to Monster Hunter, Capcom's Resident Evil series is also pulling in some strong sales. The Resident Evil 2 remake has now topped 10m units sold, while the franchise as a whole has passed 131m sales.

This makes it Capcom's best selling franchise, with Monster Hunter sitting at a total of 88m sales. Meanwhile, Street Fighter is at 49m and Devil May Cry is at 27m.

However, despite these figures, the company has seen its total revenue decline year on year. This, Capcom states, is due to a "major new title in the previous fiscal year" - it's unclear which game is referred to here, presumably either Monster Hunter Rise or Resident Evil Village.

The company has additionally highlighted its upcoming releases, specifically for the Resident Evil franchise.

The Winters Expansion for Resident Evil Village is due to release this week, and will include the arcade-style The Mercenaries: Additional Orders mode and a third person mode for the base game (which Ed had a shot at last week).

It will also bring with it Shadows of Rose, a new story-based expansion that follows Ethan's now teenage daughter as she struggles with powers she was born with. This will act as the conclusion to the Winters' family story.

Fans of the survival horror series also have the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4 to look forward to.

A look ahead.

Releasing 24th March 2023, this remake has dialled back on the game's quick-time events (and perhaps its wholesome dog content). While some have questioned whether or not we really need a remake, Eurogamer's editor-in-chief Martin Robinson has been convinced thanks to some hands-on time with the game, calling it "surprisingly bold".

"This is a familiar game, but one that's now markedly more dynamic," he wrote after his preview. "From being previously sceptical about the worth of a remake, I'm now fascinated to see how that new dynamism finds its way into the rest of this reimagined Resident Evil 4."