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Play as Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village DLC

Step on you.

The Winter's Expansion DLC has been announced for Resident Evil Village, including the ability to play as everyone's favourite vampire mommy Lady Dimitrescu.

She'll feature in the arcade-style The Mercenaries: Additional Orders mode, as well as Chris Redfield and Karl Heisenberg. Mind your head though - you'll need to duck down through doorways as you slash enemies from nine feet above.

The Mercenaries mode is one of three major additions in this Winter's Expansion DLC, due out on 28th October this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil Village Gold Edition - Announcement Trailer

A third person mode will be added, allowing the entire game to be played with Ethan Winters in view - just like the remake of Resident Evil 4.

Lastly, Shadows of Rose will be a new story-based expansion. Some spoilers follow.

Taking place after the events of the main game, the expansion will follow Ethan's (now adult) daughter Rose as she struggles with powers she was born with. She'll enter the consciousness of the Megamycete where she encounters a girl who looks just like her.

It's third-person and will take place in an alternate world that's out to attack Rose.

The DLC will be included in the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, released simultaneously on 28th October across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC (Steam), and Stadia.

In addition, Capcom confirmed that the entire game will be playable on PSVR2 when it releases.