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Resident Evil Village DLC will conclude "the Winters family saga"

Ice to have met you.

Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC will serve as Capcom's final act for the Winters family, the publisher has said.

Talking to IGN, Director Kento Kinoshita stated Capcom is "creating the Shadows of Rose story to conclude the Winters family saga."

This means any future entries to the series will likely introduce us to a new set of characters or bring back some older faces from the previous generations of games - though Capcom itself is tight-lipped on any further details.

Zoe goes hands on with Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC.

The Winters family was first introduced in 2017's Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Here, protagonist Ethan Winters battled against the Baker family to save his wife Mia from their clutches.

The release of Village in 2021 continued the couple's story, as they dealt with the aftermath of their experiences with the Bakers. In this follow-up it is revealed they had a daughter named Rose in subsequent years, and this family dynamic became a key plot point for the entire game.

Following Ethan's apparent demise at the conclusion of Village, the upcoming addition of Shadows of Rose will see players taking on the role of his now teenage daughter as she uses the powers she obtained from her brush with the megamycete to her advantage.

The entire DLC, which also includes the arcade-style The Mercenaries: Additional Orders mode and a third person mode for the base game, will be included in the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, and will release on 28th October across platforms.

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