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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sales surpass 2m already

UPDATE: Another 1m sales in just a week.

UPDATE 13/7/22: Capcom has shifted another 1m copies of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in just over a week, making for a new global total of 3m units sold.

This new total covers sales for both Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and comes ahead of a free update for the game due in August.

For more on what to expect, here's our guide to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak upcoming roadmap.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launch trailer.

ORIGINAL STORY 5/7/22:Capcom has revealed Monster Hunter Rise's expansion Sunbreak - which adds new quest ranks, locales, monsters and never-before-experienced hunting actions to the game - has shipped over 2m units across the globe. Considering how recently this launched, that is some pretty good going!

In addition to this, the company also revealed that Monster Hunter Rise itself has also passed 10m units sold since its release.

Capcom equates these figures to "a variety of measures including ongoing free updates and the launch of a PC version, as well as with the release of a set that includes Sunbreak."

And as for that PC version I just mentioned, Monster Hunter Rise has seen its numbers on Steam, well... rise, since the release of Sunbreak.

At the time of its release on PC in January this year, the game had a concurrent player count of 134,262. As Ed reported yesterday, it is now coming close to doubling that figure.

And the series as a whole isn't too doing badly at all. In fact, Monster Hunter is Capcom's top selling series, beating even Resident Evil. Currently, Monster Hunter World is the publisher's highest selling game with a record breaking 21m units now shipped (this number includes shipments of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition).

Meanwhile, if you are not one of those to have already dipped your toe into the new Sunbreak expansion but are eager to give it a go, you can check out our guide on how to get started here.

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Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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