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Monster Hunter Rise numbers soar on Steam following Sunbreak release

Reaching an apex.

Monster Hunter Rise numbers are soaring on Steam following the release of the Sunbreak expansion.

At the time of release on PC in January this year, the game had a concurrent player count of 134,262; now that's close to doubling at 231,360 - and it continues to rise.

Sunbreak is a huge new expansion to the game, adding master rank hunts, a plethora of new items, and returning monsters to defeat.

Cover image for YouTube videoLaunch trailer – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Nintendo Switch)
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launch trailer.

The massive increase in player count further proves the popularity of the Monster Hunter series, especially on PC.

By contrast, Monster Hunter World has a concurrent player peak of 334,684.

Of course, Rise arrived a year earlier on the Switch where Sunbreak also released last week, meaning players on Nintendo's console could be even higher.

Monster Hunter is Capcom's top selling series, beating even Resident Evil. Monster Hunter World is the publisher's highest selling game (17.8m across PC, Xbox and PlayStation). Rise was the seventh highest when numbers were reported in February (7.7m on Switch alone) and are likely to be even higher now.

Digital Foundry was impressed with the performance of Monster Hunter Rise on PC when it released in January.

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