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Resident Evil 2 Locker Code solutions in the Shower Room, 3F and Control Room

How to open every Locker in Resident Evil 2.

The Resident Evil 2 locker codes allow you to access various bonus items as you explore each campaign.

Though you won't have the clues to open them with you first find lockers, you don't actually need them if you need the solution - which is where this page comes in handy.

Though they are all optional, unlocking them all - alongside the safe codes, portable safe solutions and Leon Desk puzzle - gives you a bonus Trophy / Achievement, so it's worth the effort in tracking them down.

On this page:

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There are three lockers across the game - two in the Police Station, and one in the Sewers.

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Resident Evil 2 Shower Room Locker Code solution

The Police Station 2F Shower Room Dial Locker Code solution is CAP.

You'll find this clue a little later on, next to where you find the C4 Detonator Battery.

Inside you'll find Shotgun or Grenade Launcher ammo, depending on whether you're playing Leon or Claire.

Resident Evil 2 3F Locker Code solution

The Police Station 3F Dial Locker Code solution (it's at the top of the stairs in the West Wing) is DCM.

You'll find this out by developing a Roll Film found in the Police Station B1 Firing Range.

As Leon, you'll find Magnum ammo inside.

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Resident Evil 2 Control Room Locker Code solution

Much later in the game is the Sewers Control Room Dial Locker Code solution, which is is SZF.

Inside is more Magnum ammo for Leon.

It should be noted these are all different from the solutions in the demo - so those codes referring to RES(ident Evil) and BIO (Hazard) don't work anymore!

Remember there are more codes to crack - including safe codes, portable safe solutions and the Leon Desk puzzle.