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Resident Evil 2 Leon Desk puzzle solution

How to open Leon's Desk in the early stages of Resident Evil 2.

The Resident Evil 2 Leon Desk Puzzle is one of the earliest brainteasers you'll come across while exploring the Police Station.

Whether you're playing as Leon or Claire, you'll find it in the West Office, 1F, nearest the door leading back out into the Main Hall once you eventually get the Spade Key.

Unlike the safe codes, portable safe solutions and locker codes - which technically require further clues to find later in the game - the Leon Desk Puzzle solution is able to be solved there and then.

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How to find the Leon Desk Puzzle solution

Once you find the West Office in Police Station 1F, clear out the room of zombies, crack open the safe in the corner (optional but recommended, and can be done right away if you know the combination) and head round the far end of central desks to find it locked with two dials at the end.

There is also a File here explaining how it works - you need to read the names of all the desks in the room to give you the answer.

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Leon Desk Puzzle solution explained

If you can't quite work it out from the clues, the Leon Desk Puzzle solution is as follows:

  • Left lock: NED
  • Right lock: MRG

Crack it open, and you'll receive a different reward per character. Leon will receive the High-Capacity Mag (Matilda), while Claire gets the Speed Loader (SLS) - both handgun upgrades.

That's about it - now time to keep going through the Police Station, which our Resident Evil 2 walkthrough can help you with. Happy exploring!