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Resident Evil 2 walkthrough: A guide to surviving Leon's and Claire's campaigns

A complete guide to completing Leon's and Claire's campaigns with our Resident Evil 2 walkthrough.

Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the 1998 classic - reimagined with a over-the-shoulder perspective and plenty of new surprises.

Fear not, though, as this is the same Police Station and Raccoon City you remember - it's dense, dangerous easy to get lost in, and full of tough puzzles.

Our Resident Evil 2 walkthrough explains how to complete Leon's campaign from start to finish, as well as the start of Claire's - after all, there is some crossover between the two storylines - whether you are playing the original releases or the free next-gen upgrades.

PS5/ Xbox Series X/S - Resident Evil 2 Remake/ Resident Evil 3 Remake analysis

Resident Evil 2 walkthrough: A guide to Leon and Claire's campaigns

The following explains how to complete Resident Evil 2 as Leon, but note that many of these areas apply the exact same for Claire's campaign - for example, up to the first G Tyrant encounter, apart from one weapon, the route and encounters are exactly the same.

Police Station (as Leon and Claire)

Police Station continued (as Leon only)

Police Station continued (as Claire only)

Orphanage (as Claire-only)

Sewers (as Leon-only)

Sewers (as Leon and Claire)

Laboratory (as Leon and Claire)

Other Resident Evil 2 guides

Looking for more help, whether it's specific puzzle solutions off the beaten path, or how to find certain items? The following can help.

Optional puzzle solutions

Weapons and equipment explainers


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Resident Evil 2 Remake

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