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Resident Evil 2 - Power Panel Parts puzzle solution

How to complete the Power Parts puzzle in Resident Evil 2.

The Power Parts puzzle in Resident Evil 2 allows you to escape the Police Station by going through the car park exit - more or less, finishing off the area.

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Where to find both Power Panel Parts

This page explains how to solve the puzzle when you insert both Power Parts into the panel in the B1 Jail. If you've yet to find both Power Panel Parts, the sequence of events to find them are as follows:

As Leon:

As Claire:

  • Parking Garage and Morgue
  • Chief's Office, Heart Key location
  • How to survive Mr X encounters and how to stop Mr X chasing you
  • Bejewelled Box, USB Dongle Key, STARS Badge and Library Jack
  • Clock Tower puzzle
  • How to solve the Power Panel Parts puzzle

    Sprint past all the Cerberus Dogs and go to the Jail in the south-west. Enter the second Power Panel Part in the wall, and solve the Power Panel puzzle by revolving the pieces.

    As Leon, the solution is as follows:

    Leon Power Panel Parts puzzle solution

    As Claire, the solution is as follows:

    Claire Power Panel Parts puzzle solution

    After the Power Panel Parts puzzle

    With that done, the cell is finally open. Depending on which character you play as, two different things happen:

    If you are playing as Claire you will play as Sherry and visit the Orphanage. Visit the previous link, which explains that section in detail.

    If you are playing as Leon, keep reading. You'll collect the Parking Garage Key Card and the Interview Transcript File File. Be sure to grab Ben's Memo File and the First Aid Spray here before leaving.

    As you turn the corner, all the jail cells will open, blocking your exit with a torrent of zombies. Quickly open the switch on the far wall, opening the route north.

    You'll evade the zombies, but that's not all - Mr X, reliable to show up at the worst possible time as always, will make an appearance.

    Again, skirting around rather than fighting is best here, as soon as you leave the Jail and re-enter the car park, you'll have a cutscene that deals with him.

    As Ada waits for you to use the Parking Garage Key Card. Though you can return to the Police Station, you won't be able to do so for a few hours.

    Make sure you've searched all the rooms and got all the items you've wanted, including those that require safe codes, portable safe solutions and locker codes (all the items here are optional, though there are some useful upgrades) especially now Mr X is out of the picture, and approach Ada.

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    Follow Ada until you are ushered into the Gun Shop.

    Grab the consumables and the Long Barrel (W-870) shotgun upgrade on the shelf, then proceed round the back for a cutscene.

    Afterward, follow Ada again as she leads you into the sewers. Follow the linear route until you reach an Item Box and a Typewriter. Don't worry too much about what you equip right now.

    Follow the route again until you are faced with the Crocodile. This is actually a very simple encounter - just run towards the screen as it chases you, moving to the sides as it lunges, then when you reach the bottom, fire at the explosive pipe to take it out.

    Continue on through the linear route until you have a cutscene, and begin to control Ada and her EMF Visualiser.