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Resident Evil 2 - Clock Tower puzzle solution explained

How to get everything you need from the Clock Tower in Resident Evil 2.

Completing the Clock Tower is one of many puzzle areas in Resident Evil 2 - and requires you to Mr X on your tail.

If you haven't got there already, make sure you have collected the Large Gear and Library Jack, allowing you to find everything you need to reach the Clock Tower and get the final Power Part.

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How to reach the Clock Tower

First, make sure you have the Library Jack. You need to use this in the Library, allowing you to move the shelves, creating a shelving bridge to reach the Main Hall 3F.

Once there head south, and take the door into the Clock Tower in the south-west.

You also need to make sure you have the Large Gear your possession before you can start the Clock Tower puzzle.

Resident Evil 2 Clock Tower puzzle solution

Inside are a few slots to place Gears, as well as a Repair Plan File.

It's worth also continuing west through to the dead end corridor, where at the end is a consumable as well as a Mr Raccoon collectible on the windowsill.

When you have the Large Gear at hand, insert it into the right-most mechanism. This will drop a set of stairs, allowing you to climb up.

At the top is another mechanism, with the Small Gear.

Get this, and head back down and place this in the mechanism on the other side of the lower level.

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Finally, get the Large Gear from the first mechanism, climb the stairs, and place it in the empty mechanism upstairs.

Doing this will activate the bell, knocking the Box to the ground, giving you the second Power Panel Part upon inspection.

Now it's time to leave the Police Station. You'll be able to return, but make sure you've searched all the rooms and got all the items you've want right now - including those that require safe codes, portable safe solutions and locker codes - then head to the 1F east wing, taking the stairs in the north-west, back to B1, where you'll complete the Power Part puzzle.