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Resident Evil 2 - G Tyrant Stage 2 boss battle, use the Crane once to unlock Gotcha, and solve the Main Power Room puzzle

How to beat Stage 2 of the G Tyrant - and solve the Main Power Room puzzle.

The G Tyrant Stage 2 boss battle is probably the most difficult encounter against G in the game - in part thanks to an enclosed arena that makes your options more limited than most bosses.

Before that, though, you have to solve the Main Power Room puzzle, which comes just moments after completing the Chess Plug puzzle.

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Main Power Room puzzle solution

When you get to the Main Power Room, you have to throw switches to turn on the power. Like a puzzle earlier in the B1 Police Station, you have to get the dials all within the red segments.

The Main Power Room puzzle solution is:

  • Green, Green, Red, Green

With that done, attempt to leave the room. When you do, you'll be stopped by the reappearance of a familiar face (or rather, claw). Stand at the edge of the room nearest the corrugated door to avoid the claw coming down from the ceiling, and when it bulges, stand back to let the G Tyrant in.

Run past him, following the walkway, until you drop down next to a giant container. This is where the battle really begins.

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G Tyrant Stage 2 boss battle explained

The objective here is to swing the container back by using the Crane, and then forth again, hitting him when it returns. First, run over to the panel and press it. This will use the Crane to move the container back.

Now, dodge the G Tyrant's attacks until the alarm stops sounding. This means the container is at the other end and ready to be moved again. At this point, you want to lure the G Tyrant to the opposite end, and injure it until it goes down.

With a fully-upgraded Magnum, this takes just two rounds to the eyes on the shoulder or back. When it's down, quickly run to the panel, press the button, and the container will hit it before it has a chance to get up. You need to do this twice in order to win the battle.

Some notes; like the first G Tyrant encounter, ammo and other consumables will spawn around the edges, so if you are low, feel free to grab them.

That said, it's possible to actually hit the Tyrant without knocking him down at all, if you time it right, but this is really difficult, and not only that, the longer the Tyrant is up, the more of a chance you'll get injured.

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The Tyrant tends to lunge with powerful attacks but is otherwise a fairly slow enemy - which is why the Magnum is perfect, so you can fire off just a few precision rounds while he isn't moving fast.

Finally, it's worth mentioning the panel will only let you move the container either back or forth, so don't worry about swinging it the wrong way in a hurry!

How to use the Crane once to unlock Gotcha

There is a secret Trophy / Achievement to unlock - 'Gotcha!' - which unlocks if you use the Crane only once during the course of the battle.

To do this, you need to damage the G Tyrant Stage 2 enough where only one swing will do it. So start the battle by pressing the button, moving the Crane back. Now attack the G Tyrant until it is fazed several times, or until you can hold out as long as you can with the weapons and ammo you have, before using the Crane.

If successful, a single Crane swing will see the G Tyrant go down. If not, reload the previous save file and try again.

With the battle over, head over the newly formed walkway indoors, and throw the switch next to the door. After the cutscene, follow Ada through to the Cable Car, and once you've ticked everything off, it's time to explore the Laboratory.