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Resident Evil 2 - Courtyard location, Red Book, Art Room and Red Jewel puzzle solution

Where to find the Courtyard and solve the Red Book and Art Room puzzles along the way.

Resident Evil 2's Courtyard Location is the objective following finding the Spade Key in the West Wing.

Along the way you can also solve the Red Book and Art Room puzzle. Though not vital for right now, it's wise to do it while you're in the area.

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Art Room puzzle and what to do with the Red Book and Red Jewel

Once you've spoken to Marvin, feel free to use the Storage Box and Typewriter and put the Unicorn medallion in the statue, before heading up the 2F Main Hall and into the Waiting Room in the south-east corner.

Inside the Waiting Room is a Green Herb on the table, a Guide Pamphlet File location and a locked safe that requires a Safe Code in the corner. You'll learn this later, but visit the prior link if you're impatient and want to get inside now.

When ready, use the Spade Key to open the door in the corner into the corridor.

First go left, and into the Art Room to the right. Get the Art Article: 'The Red Stone' File followed by the Weapons Locker Key Card opposite - this will help you get the Shotgun or Grenade Launcher, depending on your character.

There is also a statue and a Left Hand in the room.

Combine it with the Red Book you found by the Spade Door in the Library to make the Left Arm with Book.

You will then receive the Scepter. Investigate it in your inventory, rotate it round and you'll get the Red Jewel. Put this in an Item Box for the time being - you'll be using it to open the Bejewelled Box for the STARS Badge later.

How to reach the Courtyard

Head back out into the corridor outside the Art Room on Police Station 2F and go south, where you'll see a light and you'll hear a helicopter crash. Continue round the corridor to see the wreckage blocking the corridor. Turn back, grab the Green Herb from the window sill, and head through the door left outside down the Fire Escape.

After the cutscene with Claire (as Leon) or Leon (as Claire), grab the Wooden Boards to your left, and Handgun Ammo from the barrels behind you. Don't go upstairs - there is a door here, with a Cutting Tool next to it.

Grab it and use it on the door. You'll emerge back in the 1F East Wing again, outside of the Watchman's Room. Use the Cutting Tool again on the door opposite you couldn't get into earlier, providing access to the East Office.

This room is going to be stormed by zombies - through the window, the door behind you, as well as one already here waiting for you. Take them down before exploring.

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You'll find a Green Herb and Flash Grenade to the left of where you enter, and a Electrical Part at the far west end of the room. Finally, in the corner office, there is a Round Handle on the desk, and a High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) on the shelf next to it.

When you're ready, move the chair blocking the door to the west to reappear back in the corridor. Word of warning we had a zombie spring upon us straight away, so make sure you have a Combat Knife or a decent amount of health remaining to survive.

Go left (south) towards the Main Hall, while using the Electrical Part on the fuse box on the right before you do so to open the shutter. If there are zombies following you, they won't enter the Main Hall after you.

With several new items in your possession, it's time to find the C4 Detonator and Battery locations so you can complete the remaining Medallion location.