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Resident Evil 2 Shotgun location, Grenade Launcher location and where to find the Weapons Locker Key Card

How to get your first powerful weapon - the Shotgun as Leon, or Grenade Launcher as Claire - in Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2's Shotgun and Grenade Launcher are the first new weapons you'll receive in the Police Station - though both are missable if you don't take the right steps.

You'll find their location early on in the game, though it is locked behind a Weapons Locker Key Card. Once you find that, head back to the location and voila - the weapon is yours.

It's also worth specifying the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher are unique to Leon and Claire respectively - Leon can only get the Shotgun in his campaign, and Claire the Grenade Launcher in hers.

The methods of getting them are the same though, so even though the below features Leon screens, as Claire you'd perform the exact same steps.

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Resident Evil 2 Shotgun and Grenade Launcher location

Whether playing as Leon or Claire in Resident Evil 2, the location of their respective weapon is the same.

It is locked behind a cabinet at the end of the Safety Deposit Room in Police Station 1F, on the west side.

It's the same room as the Storage Locker Terminal Memo File, as well as a Storage Locker terminal and various locked cabinets.

To open it, you need to find the Weapons Locker Key Card.

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Weapons Locker Key Card location

The Weapons Locker Key Card is located in the Art Room in the east side of Police Station 2F. You'll need the Spade Key to access the corridor it leads to, so make sure you have that first.

The Weapons Locker Key Card is straight ahead of you when you enter the Art Room.

Once done, head back to the Safety Deposit Room in Police Station 1F. Simply enter the code, and the weapon is yours.

Remember with Claire's Grenade Launcher there are two types of rounds - Flame and Acid - and you can switch between them using R1 / Right Bumper.