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How to get Bruxish in Pokémon Go

How to catch the Gnash Teeth fish in Pokémon Go.

Bruxish, a Gen 7 Pokémon, debuted in Pokémon Go during the Season of Rising Heroes.

Released as part of the Festival of Colors 2023 event in Pokémon Go, this water and psychic-type Pokémon takes inspiration from the reef triggerfish.

Below you’ll learn how to get Bruxish in Pokémon Go, along with Bruxish’s counters and weaknesses if you want to battle it in raids.

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How to get Bruxish in Pokémon Go

Bruxish made its first appearance in Pokémon Go on Wednesday, 8th March as part of the Festival of Colors 2023 event.

Here’s how you can catch Bruxish during the Festival of Colors event:

  • In the wild - Appearing more frequently during the Festival of Colors
  • In one-star raids - During the Festival of Colors

As you can see from the methods listed above, the easiest way to catch a Bruxish in Pokémon Go is to find one in the wild. Using Incense will help increase your chances of encountering a Bruxish, while the Poké Radar - in the bottom right-hand corner - will tell you if one is appearing at a nearby PokéStop.

Remember - Bruxish doesn’t evolve, so, if you simply want to add it to your Pokédex, then you only need to catch one. At the time of writing, Bruxish’s shiny form has not been released into Pokémon Go either.

If you’re having trouble finding a Bruxish, then it’s a good idea to defeat one in a raid. Since Bruxish is a one-star raid Pokémon, you should be able to easily defeat it all by yourself. Just make sure your team contains counters which take advantage of Bruxish’s weaknesses and, if you’d like some examples, read the next section.

We highly recommend catching Bruxish during the 2023 Festival of Colors, because, at the time of writing, we don’t know what its spawn rate will be once the event ends. There’s a chance that, like other recently released Pokémon, it will be hard to find, so it’s worth adding it to your Pokédex while you have the chance.

Bruxish counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Below you’ll find the counters and weaknesses for Bruxish in Pokémon Go:

  • Bruxish type - Water and Psychic-type
  • Bruxish is weak against - Bug, Dark, Electric, Grass and Ghost-types
  • Bruxish counters - For Bug-types, Yanmega, Genesect and Pheromosa. For Dark-types, Hydreigon, Yveltal and Guzzlord. For Electric-types, Zapdos, Raikou, Zekrom, Therian Forme Thundurus and Xurkitree. For Grass-types, Venusaur, Chesnaught and Kartana. For Ghost-types, Chandelure and Origin Forme Giratina.
  • Other Bruxish notes - Since Bruxish is a one-star raid Pokémon, you should be able to easily defeat it by yourself and without any Mega Evolutions. Just make sure your team contains strong Pokémon who can only target Bruxish’s weaknesses!

Bruxish CP in Pokémon Go

Bruxish has the following CP ranges in Pokémon Go:

  • Raid Boss CP for Bruxish - 6909 CP
  • Bruxish max CP at Level 40 - 2389 CP
  • Max normal Cp for catching Bruxish - 1295 to 1365 CP
  • Max weather boost CP (Rain and Windy) for catching Bruxish - 1620 to 1707 CP

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Bruxish moveset in Pokémon Go

When it comes to Bruxish’s moveset in Pokémon Go, we recommend either Confusion or Water Gun as Fast Moves and Psychic Fangs or Aqua Tail as Charged Moves. The exact moves you choose depend on whether you want Bruxish to focus upon water or psychic-type moves, or wish to have a mixture of attacks.

Sadly, it’s important to note that Bruxish doesn’t appear to hold much weight in any form of Pokémon Go PVP, so, after you’ve caught it for the Pokédex, it will most likely find itself simply taking up a place in your Pokémon storage.

Below you’ll find the full moveset for Bruxish in Pokémon Go:

Possible Fast Moves:

  • Bite (Dark)
  • Confusion (Psychic)
  • Water Gun (Water)

Possible Charged Moves:

  • Aqua Tail (Water)
  • Crunch (Dark)
  • Psychic Fangs (Psychic)

Good luck catching Bruxish in Pokémon Go!