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Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei materials, kit, and Eidolons

Ascension and Trace materials for Ruan Mei.

splash art of ruan mei on a dark blue background of space, and ruan mei is a long brown haired woman who wears a green leotard with  short white sleeves
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Ruan Mei is a 5-Star Ice character of The Harmony path who debuted in Honkai: Star Rail during version 1.6.

While Ruan Mei will be featured as the boosted 5-Star character on her Floral Triptych Banner in version 2.3, she will eventually return to Honkai: Star Rail at some point in the future when the Banner schedule cycles back to her.

Whether you have her, or want to prepare for getting her, we've detailed Ruan Mei's Ascension materials and Trace materials so you can level her up to her full potential right away. To understand how you might play her, we've also detailed Ruan Mei's kit and Eidolons.

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Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei's kit

Ruan Mei is a 5-Star Ice character of The Harmony path who scales off Weakness Break Effect and is best at boosting the damage of your teams, especially when enemies are Weakness Broken.

All of the percentages mentioned below are based on Level 1 Traces.

Here's a summary of Ruan Mei's kit in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Element: Ice.
  • Path: The Harmony.
  • Rarity: 5-Star.
  • cropped splash art of ruan mei who is a long brown haired woman wearing a green leotard with short white sleeves
    Image credit: HoYoverse
  • Basic Attack: Threading Fragrance (deals Ice damage equal to 50% of Ruan Mei's attack to a single enemy).
  • Skill: String Sings Slow Swirls (Ruan Mei gains Overtone, which lasts for three turns, and the duration of Overtone decreases by one at the start of each of her turns. When Overtone is active all allies' damage increases by 16% and Weakness Break Efficiency increases by 50%).
  • Ultimate: Petals to Stream, Repose in Dream (Ruan Mei deploys a field that lasts for two turns, with the duration of the field reducing by one at the start of each of her turns. While inside the field, all allies' All-Type Resistance Penetration increases by 15% and their attacks apply Thanatoplum Rebloom to the enemies hit. Thanatoplum Rebloom triggers when enemies attempt to recover from Weakness Break, extending the duration of their Weakness Break state and delaying their action by 20% of Ruan Mei's Break Effect plus 10%. Additionally, Thanatoplum Rebloom deals Break damage equal to 30% of Ruan Mei's Ice Break damage. Enemies can't have Thanatoplum Rebloom reapplied until they recover from Weakness Break).
  • Talent (passive ability): Somatotypical Helix (Increases the party's Speed by 8%, excluding Ruan Mei. When allies Break an enemy target's weakness, Ruan Mei deals Break Damage equal to 60% of her Ice Break Damage to the enemy that had Weakness Break applied).
  • Technique (overworld ability): Silken Serenade (Ruan Mei obtains Silken Serenade, which automatically triggers her Skill at the start of a battle. Triggering this effect with her Technique does not consume Skill Points. Additionally, when she has Silken Serenade active when attacking a target in the overworld of the Simulated Universe, the team's attacks in the Overworld is regarded as attacking enemies' Weaknesses, so it depletes Toughness regardless of Weakness types for all enemies. When inflicting Weakness Break in this way, a Break Effect is triggered corresponding to the Weakness Type of the attack. The Toughness Damage of this attack increases by 100% for every Blessing in possession, up to a maximum of 20 Blessings. At the same time, Break Damage is increased equal to 100% of Ruan Mei's Ice Break Damage).
  • Bonus Trace 1: Inert Respiration (Break Effect is increased by 20% for all allies).
  • Bonus Trace 2: Days Wane, Thoughts Wax (Ruan Mei regenerates five Energy at the start of her turn).
  • Bonus Trace 3: Candle Lights on Still Waters (In battle, for every 10% of Ruan Mei's Break Effect that exceeds 120%, her Skill additionally increases allies' damage by 6%, up to a maximum of 36%).

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Ascension materials

menu image of gelid chitin
Gelid Chitin. | Image credit: HoYoverse

You need to use Ruan Mei Ascension materials to upgrade stats like her health, attack, defence, and critical hit effectiveness.

You need to get a lot of Gelid Chitin and Immortal-based materials for Ruan Mei to fully upgrade her capabilities.

In total, the Ruan Mei Ascension Materials in Honkai: Star Rail are:

  • x15 Immortal Scionette
  • x15 Immortal Aeroblossom
  • x15 Immortal Lumintwig
  • x65 Gelid Chitin
  • 308,000 Credits

For more details, here's what Ruan Mei Ascension materials you need per level:

Ruan Mei Ascension level Ruan Mei Ascension materials Credit cost Reward
Level 20 x5 Immortal Scionette 4,000 x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 30 x10 Immortal Scionette 8,000 None
Level 40 x6 Immortal Aeroblossom, x3 Gelid Chitin 16,000 x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 50 x9 Immortal Aeroblossom, x7 Gelid Chitin 40,000 None
Level 60 x6 Immortal Lumintwig, x20 Gelid Chitin 80,000 x1 regular Star Pass
Level 70 x9 Immortal Lumintwig, x35 Gelid Chitin 160,000 None

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Trace materials

menu view of the harmonic tune material which resembles a golden portable radio
Harmonic Tune. | Image credit: HoYoverse

Just like Ascension, to get the most out of using Ruan Mei you will have to level-up her attacks and passive abilities by using Trace materials, which vary from character-to-character.

For Ruan Mei, you need to use a lot of Harmonic Tune and Immortal-based materials to fully upgrade her capabilities.

In total, to upgrade all of her abilities, the Ruan Mei Trace Materials you need are:

  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
  • x18 Harmonic Tune
  • x41 Immortal Scionette
  • x56 Immortal Aeroblossom
  • x58 Immortal Lumintwig
  • x69 Ancestral Hymn
  • x139 Stellaris Symphony
  • 3 million Credits

Version 2.4 with Yunli and Jiaoqiu is coming soon! For now, in version 2.3 we have Jade and Argenti running, so make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want them or future characters - and check out our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, and how to get more Star Rail Passes.

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Eidolons

By getting duplicates of Ruan Mei from Warping on her Banner, you will receive her Eidolon. This material allows you to unlock Eidolon levels, with each upgrade either improving an existing attack or passive ability.

drip marketing for ruan mei, a long brown haired young woman dressed in a green and white dress, with her name, path, and element in text
Image credit: HoYoverse

Here are all of Ruan Mei's Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Neuronic Embroidery (E1): The damage dealt by all allies ignores 20% of the target's defence while the field from Ruan Mei's Ultimate is deployed.
  • Reedside Promenade (E2): When Ruan Mei is on the field, all allies increase their attack by 40% when dealing damage to enemies with Weakness Break.
  • Viridescent Pirouette (E3): Increases the level of Ruan Mei's Ultimate and Talent by two, with a maximum upgrade Level of 15.
  • Chatoyant Éclat (E4): Ruan Mei's Break Effect increases by 100% for three turns when an enemy target's Weakness is Broken.
  • Languid Barrette (E5): Increases the level of Ruan Mei's Skill by two with a maximum upgrade level of 15, and increases the level of her Basic Attack by one, with a maximum upgrade level of 10.
  • Sash Cascade (E6): Extends the duration of the Ruan Mei's Ultimate field by one turn. The Talent's Break damage multiplier additionally increases by 200%.

Good luck levelling up Ruan Mei in Honkai Star Rail!

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