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How to get Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

Get yourself a farming routine if you want the next 5-star character.

In Honkai: Star Rail, the premium currency in the game is the Stellar Jade, which, along with Star Rail Passes, can be used to pull for new characters.

The new Hoyoverse game follows the already established formula of tying the process of getting new characters to spending a special currency – that can be either bought with real money or earned in the game – in its gacha system.

Because adding new members to your party costs a lot of Stellar Jade, we have prepared this guide explaining how to get free Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail as well as what you can spend this currency on.

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How to get free Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

Although there is more than one method you can buy Stellar Jade with real-world money in Honkai: Star Rail’s in-game store, there are plenty of ways for you to farm them to pull for characters, such as Seele. It’s important to keep in mind that free-to-play methods require you to save your Stellar Jade, since it’s not a quick path to a bag full of them.

Listed below are the methods you can use to get free Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Completing missions - One of your main sources of free Stellar Jades is the quests in the game. Honkai: Star Rail has main story quests, called Trailblaze Missions, in which you follow the central narrative of the game and the Adventure Missions, which are a type of side quests. After completing each mission, you earn from 10 to 80 Stellar Jades. Once per day, you can also complete a Daily Mission which gives you 60 Stellar Jades.
  • Participating in time-limited events - Believe it or not, Hoyoverse constantly offers free Stellar Jades during a patch. There are the special and seasonal events Hoyoverse prepares that are short sequences of quests or mini-games that reward you with Stellar Jades.
  • Claiming Codes - There are special codes Hoyoverse provides that you can claim in-game and receive a certain quantity of Stellar Jades. Usually, these codes give you around 100 Stellar Jades each and they are valid for a specific period of time, so you should check for the Honkai: Star Rail codes that are still up.
  • Opening Chests - As you explore spatial stations or new planets, you are going to find treasures. There are the regular ones and the Precious Treasures. Both of them are going to reward you with Stellar Jade when opened. The difference is that the Precious Treasures are guarded by powerful enemies.
  • Buying at World Shops - In each world you visit, there is a special type of NPC that sells items for that world’s currency (for instance Shield in Belobog), and they are called World Shops. You can claim rewards after spending a certain amount of money with these NPCs and among the prizes you will find Stellar Jades.
  • Operation Briefing - Honaki Star Rail has a system of missions in the Operation Briefing menu that are intended to help you go through the initial steps in the game as well as explore its systems. There are missions that ask you to level up a character to a specific level while others are completed after you buy an item in the World Shop. After you complete a certain number of these missions, you’re going to receive a reward, and most of the time you gain Stellar Jades.
  • Trailblaze Levels - As you progress in the Trailblaze missions, complete Adventure missions, and many other events in the game, you gain experience points that increase your Trailblaze Level. Whenever you level it up, you can teleport to Parlor Car and talk to Pom-Pom to claim the rewards. Just keep in mind that Stellar Jades are given as rewards for certain levels.
  • Achievements - Whenever you complete an achievement, you can go to the Achieved Menu on your phone and claim the Stellar Jade. Each achievement gives you from 5 to 20 Stellar Jade.
  • Tutorials - As a means to reward you for reading the explanation about a new mechanic, event, or system, Honkai: Star Rail rewards you with 1 Stellar Jade for each tutorial. It’s not much but it’s still free!
  • Completing a 5-Star Character Trial - When a new banner begins, the game gives players the chance to play a little bit with the new character and test their kit. After completing the trial for the 5-Star character, you earn a few Stellar Jade that are claimed in the same menu where you start the trial.
  • Messaging Characters - From time to time, characters send you messages, and some of them, once you go through the short conversation, might give you a few Stellar Jades.
  • Simulated Universe - The Simulated Universe works as a series of missions you can complete and by doing so you gain points. As you keep completing missions, your score will unlock weekly rewards, from materials to upgrade relics to Stellar Jades.
  • Daily Training - With this system, you have the chance of completing a few quick missions that can reward you with Stellar Jades. The list of missions refreshes daily so going through them every day you play the game is a good idea.

While none of these methods guarantee a huge amount of Stellar Jade, you can find yourself with enough for ten or more pulls during a banner by only logging in regularly and completing most of these activities.

Version 2.0 with Black Swan and Sparkle is here! So make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want them or future characters - and check all characters out on our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, how to get more Star Rail Passes, and an English voice actors list.

What can you use Stellar Jade for in Honkai Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, Stellar Jades are the currency you need to purchase Star Rail Special Pass and Star Rail Pass. Each of these cost 160 Stellar Jade.

These two are required if you want to use the game’s Warp system, where you try to pull under one of the three running banners. The game always has a Regular Warp, a Character Event Warp, and a Light Cone Event Warp. In the first one, you need a Star Rail Pass to pull for a character, while on the other two, you need to use the Star Rail Special Pass.

You can also use Stellar Jade to replenish your Trailblaze Power, the energy you must have to participate in some activities in the same, such as completing Calyx. Although Trailblaze Power is received automatically, it takes many hours to restore it to its total which is 180. Because of that, some players consider using their Stellar Jades to speed this process up.

It’s more indicated to keep your Stellar Jade to purchase Star Rail Special Pass, since this is the one used for pulling characters under banners that last around three weeks. In the Character Event Wap, you have a very short window to pull for a specific character that might take a good time before being in one of the game’s banners again.

On the other hand, the Star Rail Passes are more frequently given for free by the game as in the free version of the game’s battle pass Nameless Honor. So, you can go for the Regular Warp without spending Stellar Jades to buy its pass.

Have a good time playing Honkai: Star Rail and saving up the free Jade Stellars to get great 5-star characters!