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How to get Clearance and Scarlet Sand Slate in Genshin Impact Golden Slumber quest

Gain access to more rewards by raising your Clearance level.

Raising your Clearance level with the Scarlet Sand Slate is required for solving puzzles and accessing more rewards in Genshin Impact during the 'Golden Slumber' World Quest, and other quests areas around Sumeru.

You'll need to find the Scarlet Sand Slate before you can get Clearance in Genshin Impact, however, so we've detailed its location below, along with how to get Clearance.

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How to get Clearance and Scarlet Sand Slate in Genshin Impact

Early on in the 'Golden Slumber' World Quest, during the 'Lost in the Sands' subquest, you'll come across your first mechanism with a red ring surrounding it and the text 'You do not have enough Clearance' when you try to access it. This is because you need to find the Scarlet Sand Slate gadget first in order to get Clearance.

To get the Scarlet Sand Slate and the basic level of Clearance that comes with it, you need to progress with the 'Lost in the Sands' subquest during 'Golden Slumber', and Tirzad will eventually give the gadget to you after Jeht brings back her new buddy Benben to the group.

You should go down the elevator below the Dendroculus in the same room as the first Clearance mechanism to continue with this quest, then follow the Seelie until you get to Benben.

There will be a Dendroculus here, but we already picked it up.

There's a small puzzle before the Seelie, however, and to solve it you'll need an Electro and a Pyro character. Switch to your Electro character first and use one of their Electro abilities to stop the floating Dendro creature by the torch glowing blue.

How to solve the torch puzzle in 'Lost in the Sands'.

It will now become a normal torch, and you can switch to a Pyro character to light all four torches in the room to reveal a chest, and the mechanism beside the door leading to the Seelie.

After following the Seelie and talking to the group again, go up the nearby elevator, and you'll soon come across Benben. Go back down the elevator to take him back to Trizard, and you'll finally have the Scarlet Sand Slate.

Thanks, Benben.

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How to raise Clearance level in Genshin Impact

Once you follow the steps above to get the Scarlet Sand Slate during the 'Golden Slumber' quest, you'll gain your first basic level of Clearance, and can access Primal Barriers and Plinth of the Secret Rites mechanisms while exploring Sumeru.

To access more Scarlet Sand Slate puzzles and mechanisms, however, you'll need to raise your Clearance level. To fully raise your Clearance level, you should complete the 'Golden Slumber' and the 'Dual Evidence' part of the 'Old Notes and New Friends' World Quests.

'Old Notes and New Friends' is unlocked after completing 'Golden Slumber' and waiting a day in the game, which is why finishing it is required to get a full clearance level, even if you don't get more Clearance for its last subquest 'Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand'.

Here's exactly how to get every Clearance level in Genshin Impact:

Clearance level How to get
Basic Get the Scarlet Sand Slate in 'Lost in the Sands' during 'Golden Slumber'
Level 1 Complete 'The Secret of Al-Ahmar' during 'Golden Slumber'
Level 2 Complete 'The Secret of Al-Ahmar' during 'Golden Slumber'
Level 3 Start 'Dual Evidence'
Level 4 Complete Place of Rebirth underneath Duat Hall during 'Dual Evidence'
Level 5 Complete Place of Breath underneath Khemenu Temple during 'Dual Evidence'
Level 6 Complete Place of Swallowing in Duat Hall during 'Dual Evidence'

Once you Complete the 'Dual Evidence' subquest, you will now be able to access all Clearance level puzzles while exploring the deserts of Sumeru!

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