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How to win the arcade game in Fortnite

How to complete this challenge.

Win the arcade game in Frenzy Fields or Slappy Shores and win the arcade game at Lonely Labs are two of the Syndicate challenges you need to complete in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

We'll detail how to win the arcade game in Fortnite for the first and fourth steps of the Syndicate quests, at any of these locations below.

You'll earn 15k XP for completing each of these challenges, which can help you earn Battle Stars for this season's Battle Pass.

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LEGO Fortnite Cinematic Trailer.

How to win the arcade game in Fortnite

To win the arcade game, you need to find an arcade machine first. For the first part of the Syndicate quests, you must visit one of the three in Frenzy Fields, or one of the two in Slappy Shores:

For the next Syndicate challenge that asks you to win the arcade game, you have to do it at one of the two arcade machines in Lonely Labs:

When you've found the right arcade machine, interact with it to hack it, then you have to move the circle to the 'X' by using the arrows that appear in the dialogue options.

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For example, we completed the first task at the northern Slappy Shores arcade machine, so we had to press down, right, right, up, up, then left to guide the circle to the 'X'.

You can't move the circle through the grey squares that block your way on the screen.

Once the circle is placed in the 'X', you will have completed the challenge and can move on to another!

As far as arcade games go, it's no Pac-Man, but at least you can complete it quickly to try and avoid getting eliminated by another player.

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