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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass skins, including Reese, Mancake, Mave, Kondor, Lexa and Menace

Everything you need to know about the Zero Point battle pass on Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is the season of the hunters and, hopefully, learning more about the Zero Point.

With Agent Jones wanting to sustain the loop, Season 5's battle pass focuses upon the best hunters from across multiple dimensions, including Reese, Mancake, Mave, Kondor, Lexa and Menace. Along the way, you'll also be able to unlock new cosmetic items, such as harvesting tools and emotes.

The true star of the Season 5 battle pass, however, is The Mandalorian. Not only is he the tier 100 skin, but you can improve his base style by finding the Razor Crest.

Don't forget to check out the new victory umbrella or the new map locations either!

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There are also several new features this season - including bounties and the ability to earn gold bars.

Zero Point Story Trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5Watch on YouTube

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass skins, including Reese, Mancake, Mave, Kondor, Lexa and Menace

The Fortnite Season 5 battle pass offers you the chance to unlock a variety of bounty hunters, including the robotic Lexa and shapeshifting Mave.

These skins and their variants are mostly unlocked by climbing the battle pass tiers, but, for a number of skin variants, you'll also need to complete a specific number of Epic Quests, which are new tasks introduced in Season 5.

The base skin for Reese, for example, is unlocked at Tier 15, with one the Nebula Racer variant unlocking at Tier 22, but, if you prefer the Galactic Ranger variant, then you'll also need to complete 12 Epic Quests.

Below you'll find an overview of all the skins included in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 battle pass:

Mandalorian - Tier 1, with two variants: Clothing at Tier 100 and Right Shoulder Beskar, which involves finding the Razor Crest

Reese - Tier 15, with two variants: Nebula Racer at Tier 22 and Galactic Ranger, which requires Epic Quests

Mancake - Tier 29, with two variants: Cake with No Name at Tier 36 and Lonesome Hero, which requires Epic Quests

Mave - Tier 41, with four variants: Reactive Hair at Tier 46, Unstoppable at Tier 48, Reactive Tail at Tier 51 and Shieldbreaker at Tier 53

Kondor - Tier 60, with one variant: Wrath, which requires Epic Quests

Lexa - Tier 73, with two variants: Infiltrator and Warstrike, which both require Epic Quests

Menace - Tier 83, with seven variants: Mask at Tier 85, Challenger at Tier 88, Light Helmet at Tier 90, Light Helmet - Plume at Tier 92, Undefeated at Tier 94, Heavy Helmet at Tier 96 and Undefeated - Flame, which requires Epic Quests

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass costs and Battle Pass rewards list

Like every season before it, the majority of the Chapter 2 Season 5 rewards are locked behind that battle pass ownership wall. You can still, of course, earn a number of items from the free track, but, if you'll need to purchase the battle pass or sign up for the new monthly Fortnite subscription service - Fortnite Crew.

The battle pass is a premium item and costs 950 V-Bucks. You can buy a bundle of 1,000 V-Bucks for around £6.49 / $8.57 or V-Bucks can be earned in-game by completing a variety of activities.

It's important to note that the premium version of the battle pass has been replaced by the Fortnite Crew or the option to purchase the first 25 levels of the battle pass for 2,800 V-Bucks.

Below you can find exactly how many skins, emotes and other rewards you can earn by complete the Chapter 2 Season 5 battle pass:

  • 1,500 V-Bucks
  • 7 Skins
  • 13 Skin variants
  • 1 Pet
  • 5 Emotes
  • 7 Emoticons
  • 2 Music tracks
  • 7 Loading screens
  • 6 Gliders
  • 7 Sprays
  • 7 Banners
  • 6 Harvesting tools
  • 2 Harvesting tool styles
  • 6 Back bling
  • 4 Contrail
  • 6 Weapon wraps

A number of cosmetic for the Season 5 battle pass will also require you to complete a new type of task, called Epic Quests, alongside climbing the pass tiers:

  • 5 Skin variants
  • 1 Emote
  • 1 Loading screen
  • 2 Banners
  • 1 Music track
  • 1 Contrail

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is here! It brings a free Lego Insider skin and redemption codes with it, along with a new Victory Umbrella. We've also got pages on new features like Medallions, Weapon Mods, and how to complete a Train Heist. Meanwhile, learn what the best weapons are in the current season, how to get XP fast, and what the best PC settings are to help earn a Victory Crown.

Cosmetic items are unlocked by climbing the battle pass ranks, which is done by simply playing Fortnite and completing the challenge sets, referred to as quests this season, that are introduced every week. These challenges can be anything from visiting a certain location to killing players with a specific weapon, and each one will supply you with a good amount of XP.

Both the battle pass challenges and rewards can be completed or earned at your leisure throughout the season, but your progress will always reset at the beginning of new season, so that a new collection of rewards can be introduced.

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