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How to do the McGeady spin in FIFA 23

Including an easy method to consistently do the McGeady spin.

The McGeady spin is a Skill Move in FIFA 23 that a player can perform to show off, or use to complete challenges, such as the '10th Ligue 1 Goal' task from the 'Rise of Mbappé' Moment.

There are a few caveats to using Skill Moves in FIFA 23, even with this seemingly easy one, so we'll go over how to do the McGeady spin in general, then give a tip for doing one consistently if you're trying to perform one for a Moment challenge.

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How to do the McGeady spin in FIFA 23

The McGeady spin is a 4 Star Skill Move in FIFA 23, so can only be performed by players capable of doing 4 Star Skill Moves.

How to do the McGeady spin to the right in FIFA 23.

If you want to make sure a player can do the McGeady spin, you should check their individual stats and then look for the number beside 'Skill Moves' to see what level of skills they can perform.

When controlling a player who can perform a 4 Star Skill Move, you just need to flick the right thumbstick right and then flick it down to do the McGeady spin to the right.

Alternatively, you can flick the right thumbstick left then flick it down to do the McGeady spin to the left in FIFA 23.

If this input method isn't working for you while trying to complete the '10th Ligue 1 Goal', or any other Moment challenge, we've got advice below that should help you clear it quickly.

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How to do the McGeady spin for 'Rise of Mbappé' Moment

At first, the '10th Ligue 1 Goal' challenge as part of the 'Rise of Mbappé' Moment in FIFA 23 might appear to be glitched, but it's just that performing the McGeady spin (and other Skill Moves) to complete a Moment is a little finicky. Thankfully, there's a very easy solution to getting this task done quickly.

To do the McGeady spin as Mbappé you need to follow the instructions noted above and flick the right thumbstick right or left, then flick it down - but you need to make sure that the animation is finished for the challenge to mark as completed.

This is easier said than done when you're being tackling by the opposing team, but just like the Stepover, we found it far easier to do when we took the ball to the other side of the pitch as Mbappé, because the other team will mostly leave you alone here. However, it can still be tricky to get the Skill Move to activate, so we also recommend facing toward the top of the pitch, then only flicking the right stick to perform the McGeady spin. So no directional changes from the left stick, or sprinting.

Flick from right or left then down repeatedly without touching any other inputs and Mbappé will soon do the McGeady spin.

Make sure to go to the friendly side of the pitch and let the McGeady spin animation finish to complete the Moment.

When the green tick appears on the 'Do a McGeady spin with Mbappé' challenge on the top right-hand corner of the screen, you then have to score two goals as Mbappé and not concede any before the time is up to complete the Moment.

Scoring two goals, however, might be bugged, as we scored two as Mbappé multiple times while replaying the Moment, but it only counted as one. To be safe, keep trying to score with Mbappé until the timer reaches zero.

You can do this in other modes to consistently McGeady spin, but the method is best used for completing challenges when it won't affect your chances of winning or losing a match.

Hope you're enjoying FIFA 23!

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