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Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dark Castle walkthrough

How to get through all doors in the Dark Castle.

The Dark Castle is the last big Forgotten story quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, letting you confront The Forgotten at last while you try and stop their potentially universe-ending plans.

Below, we've got a walkthrough for The Dark Castle quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including how to get past all the doors and a small walkthrough for The Remembered and Odds and Ends, the last quests in the base game.

For more help, we've also got pages on redemption codes, recipes, how to customize furniture, and critters.

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How to unlock The Dark Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock The Dark Castle quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley you need to complete The Forgotten Relics quest. To unlock The Forgotten Relics, you first need to find the Fairy Godmother in Miracles Take Time, complete Forgotten Memories and What's Left Behind (which unlock after Miracles Take Time), then wait 24 hours.

After a full day, The Forgotten Relics quest will appear in your 'Story Quests' log, and once you locate all of the Relics and get their related characters to share their memories, you'll automatically unlock The Dark Castle.

If you've yet to start The Forgotten Relics it's worth completing the Level 10 friendship quests for Mickey Mouse, Scar, Moana, and Elsa first, as you can't complete The Forgotten Relics without doing these friendship quests.

Once The Dark Castle unlocks for you, go speak with Merlin, who then takes you to the well in the Plaza and opens up a portal with the Relics to the Dark Castle, where The Forgotten resides.

Go through the portal to start your final journey in The Forgotten storyline!

How to get past the first door in Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle

Once you go through the portal and enter the Dark Castle, you're stopped by the first door which thinks your appearance isn't quite up to scratch. To get past the first door in the Dark Castle you have to equip a crown and wings.

If you happen to have a crown and a pair of wings already, you can just open your inventory, go into 'Wardrobe' and click the current quest at the top where you can equip your costume quickly. However, you might want to explore even if you do have these items already as there are Memories to collect on the floor in this first area.

Don't worry if you don't already have a crown and wings! There are some cardboard versions of The Forgotten's signature look on either side of the room inside two wardrobes. Just clear the Night Thorns to get access to the Wardrobes, then open the pouches you get from searching the wardrobes and equip the items from your own 'Wardrobe' inventory.

Once you have a crown and wings equipped, go talk to the door again who now lets you into the next room, which contains another door puzzle.

How to get past the second door in Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle

Once you clear some Night Thorns and make your way up the stairs, you're blocked by Doorine, the second door. If you read the note beside the fire cooking stove, you can work out the solution to get past Doorine on your own, but we've detailed this below for those in a rush.

To get past the second door in the Dark Castle you have to feed it a Night Thorn Sprout Salad. The recipe to make a Night Thorn Sprout Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley is:

  • x1 Dark Castle Lettuce
  • x1 Thorn Sprout
  • x1 Dreamlight Salt

These special ingredients are located on a table near the fire cooking pot. Pick them up and throw them in the pot to make your Night Thorn Sprout Salad. No need to worry about coal, as it's not required to make a meal during The Dark Castle quest.

All you have to do now is go back to Doorine and feed it the lovely Night Thorn Sprout Salad you just made. The door will turn blue as long as you've fed it the correct meal, and you can go through the door and start the third puzzle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's December update is here! You can now add Jack Skellington to your valley, use multiplayer and remove villagers. For more help, check out our recipe list, how to upgrade your house, have multiple player homes, critters' favourite foods and redemption codes. Finally, don't forget to visit our future and current character list to see who might be visiting the valley next!

How to get past the third door in Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle

Clear the Night Thorns to make your way up the next set of stairs to find the third door, or rather, where the third door is supposed to be. The Forgotten has made the door vanish and to get it to reappear you have to work out what they mean by the 'mechanical eye' mentioned in the letter next to where the door should be.

It turns out the mechanical eye is a camera, so to get past the third door in The Dark Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley you have to take a picture of where the door should be. This is the blank area underneath all of the green, glowing graffiti on the walls.

Once you snap a photo of the correct area, the third door will appear and you can go through to start the final door puzzle in the Dark Castle.

How to get past the fourth door in Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle

For the final time, clear Night Thorns in the next area until you come to the fourth and final door in the Dark Castle, which is blocked by a huge lock. To get past the fourth door in the Dark Castle you have to use your pickaxe on the breakable ice to get torches. You then need to place all four torches on the small pedestals surrounding the well in the middle to fish up the key.

Torch locations

The first torch isn't actually in ice and is easy to spot as it's on the ground below the locked door.

The second torch is in a small piece of ice near a pile of books by the locked door.

The third torch is in a large piece of ice at the edge of the balcony near the blocked stairs.

The last torch is in a large piece of ice at the edge of the balcony near lots of other ice structures that you can't smash, by a large piece of rubble on the floor.

Torch puzzle solution

Once you've collected all four torches it's time to place them on the correct pedestals. This puzzle is actually easier than it seems as you're not allowed to place a torch on the wrong pedestal, so you'll know right away without having to properly work out the solution.

If for some reason this isn't working for you, here's exactly where to place each torch in the Dark Castle:

  • Night Torch - Pedestal closest to the locked door.
  • Dusk Torch - Pedestal closest to the stacks of books.
  • Noon Torch - Pedestal closest to the edge of the balcony.
  • Dawn Torch - Pedestal closest to the large piece of rubble on the floor.

You can also work this out by looking at the symbols on the inside of the well below the giant key. Here's what the torches look like when placed correctly:

Once you've successfully solved the torch puzzle the well will fill up with water, so equip your fishing rod to fish up the key at the golden bubble spot, then use the key on the locked door.

That's all the puzzles in The Dark Castle quest completed! You can now confront The Forgotten and start the next quest, The Remembered.

As it's such a short quest, we've included a little walkthrough for The Remembered below instead of making a new page.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Remembered walkthrough

After a magic showdown with The Forgotten, you're both transported to a strange dreamlike place containing your childhood memories.

Walk towards the light where the Forgotten is to get started with this trip down memory lane, then press the 'Focus Magic' prompt when it appears over the sandbox.

After another chat with The Forgotten, turn right and head towards the bed in the distance and talk to The Forgotten again. You need to focus your magic on the bed this time after your conversation, but it can be a little fiddly. The best position to focus your magic is at the bottom of the bed near The Forgotten. You might have to push them aside and get really close to the bed for the prompt to appear like in the picture below.

It's time to talk to The Forgotten once more, and when you're done, go over to the desk under the light in the distance and strike up a conversation with your purple friend again. Then, focus your magic on the desk to reveal some more childhood items.

For the last time, follow the light to The Forgotten who is beside a bookshelf this time. Speak to them about it and then focus your magic on the bookshelf.

All those chats were worth something, as The Forgotten will now assist you in stopping that whole universe-ending plan they had - phew! You'll get a nice screencap opportunity with all of your villagers before the credits roll, and after the credits there's a little tease of a new villain and a possible new biome for the valley...

Speak with The Forgotten in the Plaza to get the Orb of Remembrance as part of the very small Odds and Ends quest, then place the orb in the Pillar located on the northwest side of The Forgotten Lands area, beside a pond.

After placing the Orb, speak with Merlin to finally finish this questline.

Hope you enjoyed The Forgotten story in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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