Fortnite Unicorn Floaties locations explained: Where to search unicorn floaties at swimming holes in Fortnite

Where to visit Unicorn Floaties locations in Fortnite.

Finding Unicorn Floaties locations is one of many Fortnite Challenges to complete.

It tasks you with finding Unicorn Floaties at swimming holes that are placed somewhere on the map. You have to find any three of these to complete the 14 Days of Summer challenge.

If you're looking for more to do in Fortnite meanwhile, there are plenty of Fortbyte locations to discover.

Fortnite Unicorn Floaties locations

Finding the locations of Unicorn Floaties isn't easy - while you can narrow it down at locations where there is water (hence the 'swimming holes' clue), there are a lot of bodies of water across the map, so it doesn't help much.

Here are the Fortnite Unicorn Floaties locations at a glance:

Fortnite Unicorn Floaties locations map

The Fortnite Unicorn Floaties locations are:

  • Hot springs in the north of the jungle
  • Under the bridge in Lazy Lagoon
  • Near the jetty in the north of Loot Lake
  • Just north of the complex in the middle of Dusty Divot's crater
  • Inside the south-west temple in Sunny Steps
  • Next to the waterfall in the north of Lonely Lodge
  • In the southern-most swimming pool in Paradise Palms
  • In the oasis in the south-west of the desert
  • South of Fatal Fields, in the lake

The challenge is visit three of these - you can do several in one match if you fancy it (the southern or northern three on the map can be done before the first cirle closes in) though realistically it'll take several matches to do so.

Once you get close enough, the Unicorn Floaties location will be added to your challenge total.

Fortnite Unicorn Floaties locations in detail

Here's the specific locations of where to find all Fortnite Unicorn Floaties:

Hot springs in the north of the jungle, in the north-east spring:


Under the bridge in Lazy Lagoon that connects the ship to the town:


Near the jetty in the north of Loot Lake, right in the corner of the named location:


In Dusty Divot's crater, just north of the complex in the middle:


South-west of Sunny Steps, inside the corner-most temple, where there's a pool of water:


Next to the waterfall in the north of Lonely Lodge:


In the south-most swimming pool in Paradise Palms, next to where the main road runs through the middle of the town:


In the oasis in the south-west of the desert, on the southern end:


South of Fatal Fields, in the lake at the north-most end:


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