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Zelda - Shae Mo’sah and Swinging Flames trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to beat the Eldin region trial.

Shae Mo'sah is one of the many located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Swinging Flames trial, has you use lanterns to set fire to leaves in a sequence in order to open gates so you can progress. Expect some enemies along the way, too, make sure you're healed up and ready for a fight.

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Where to find Shae Mo'sah

This one will be hard to miss as you complete the Vah Rudiania Divine Beast, as it's just on the outskirts of Goron City as you make your way to the Abandoned North Mine.

Shae Mo'sah and Swinging Flames solution

Throughout this shrine there are trails of leaves that you must set alight in order to obtain certain objects. If you have an arsenal of Fire Arrows then you can bypass most of the puzzles involved, but we'll explain how each works in case you haven't got any, or want to hold onto your reserves.

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The start features a locked door that's opened by a switch that shuts as soon as you move off it. The barrel on the shelf by the door will help here. To lower the barrel, you must burn the leaves. To do that, if you aim up through the ceiling, there is a hanging lantern. Shoot the rope to drop it down, causing the fire to spread.

In the next room, there a few things to look out for, none of which are essential. There is a Stone Smasher weapon in a chest round the left corner, and another chest round the right corner containing a Ruby. There are also three Guardian Scouts if you wish to fight them; two will fire lasers, so sprint and kill those first, then be wary of the other's sword and dash in when there's an opening.

Head up the ramp in the corner to a locked door - we'll come back to this in a moment. Go round the wall next and up a short ramp to more leaves opposite. Stand on the switch, lower the lantern, and fire an arrow through it to set fire to the leaves, dropping a ball that stops at a gate.

Before you continue on, drop off the ledge here for a chest with 10 Ice Arrows.

Go right and round the corner until you find another switch. This lowers the gate, rolling the ball onto a wheel, spinning it. When the wheel spins the gate on your level to the right opens, so sprint through before it stops.

Here is a chest with a Small Key. Get it, then up the ramp and drop down to visit the previous area. Now head to the locked door at the top of the first ramp you came up in this area to access the final part.

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Here is a switch that, when stepped on, drops two lanterns. This is a little tricky - shoot one of the lanterns down so it hits the ground, just short of the leaves, then shoot through the fire on the ground so the arrow catches on fire and lands in the leaves. The lantern burns up pretty quickly, so you have to aim and fire with some haste. If you struggle here, then a simple Fire Arrow on the leaves may have to do.

Now do as you did in the beginning - grab the barrel that drops, place it on the switch to open the door, and head on through. The altar is just ahead

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