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Zelda - Tah Muhl, A Landscape of a Stable quest, Passing the Flame solution in Breath of the Wild

How to find and solve Tah Muhl, A Landscape of a Stable quest, and the Passing the Flame trial.

Tah Muhl is one of the many shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Found in the Eldin region, it involves the A Landscape of a Stable quest and the Passing the Flame trial.

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Where to find Tah Muhl and solve the A Landscape of a Stable quest

This is in the south most part of the Eldin (or Death Mountain region), just south-west of the Foothill Stable that introduces you to the region.

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It's a climb from there, so we'd recommend simply gliding south from the Eldin Tower, over Lake Ferona, where it'll appear on your left, against some cliffs.

Approaching the Shrine will complete the 'A Landscape of a Stable' quest. No puzzle to solve here otherwise - pop in the tablet and get started.

Tah Muhl and the Passing the Flame solution

As with some other shrines in this region, this one involves using fire to get to the end altar.

The leaves on the wall straight ahead from where you begin need burning; use the torches round the corner, aim your bow and arrow next to them and walk into them to light the tip to do so. Remember this for the other walls of leaves of in the following room.

There are three bonus chests here before you go to the altar. First, turn right and burn the leaves next to the two crates for a Stone Smasher.

Next, burn the stack of crates in the corner to the right of the locked door, for an Opal.

Finally, to open the locked door, burn the leaves on the left wall to drop the chest beyond down, revealing a Small Key. Use Magnesis to lift it up over the bars and to your feet. Pick it up, use it on the door, and head through to find a Ruby in the chest.

To complete the shrine, there are two wooden boxes propping up a platform in the middle of the room.

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Burn them and the platform will drop, allowing you to head up and collect your Shrine Orb.

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