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Zelda - Daqa Koh and Stalled Flight trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to beat the Eldin region trial.

Daqa Koh is one of the many located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Stalled Flight trial, requires some careful Statis timing in order to complete it - just don't forget the usual chest before you leave - we almost did!

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Where to find Daqa Koh

This is one you'll more or less bump into on the critical path as part of finishing the Vah Rudiania Divine Beast. After you do the Abandoned North Mine near Death Mountain, but before you get past the sentries, there is a section with minecarts and hot springs, then a fork in the road that leads to a cannon on the right. Take the left path and the shrine will be at the end.

Daqa Koh and Stalled Flight trial

This shrine features a block jumping up in the air when the floor moves. At its height, the block will connect with a switch on the ceiling that'll open the gate to the altar, but thanks to gravity, it only connects for a few seconds before dropping down again.

The puzzle, then, is making the gate open long enough for you to travel through. Statis here is your friend.

First, let's get on the jumping block. Drop down onto the recess in the ground, and when you're thrown into the air, at the highest point start gliding. You'll be above the block, making it a quick glide over.

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Before you continue, time for the shrine's treasure chest. When the block next jumps up, at its highest point glide to the right corner to the platform in the corner to find 100 Rupees.

Now, get back onto the block as before, and get the Statis rune ready. When the block is at its highest point - also when the block is connecting to the switch in the ceiling - aim down and freeze the block in place.

It'll be suspended in the air, keeping the gate open, allowing you to glide through and to the altar.

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