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Zelda - Mezza Lo, Crowned Beast Quest and the Ancient Trifecta trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to beat the Hateno region trial.

Mezza Lo is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There's both a challenge inside and a Shrine Quest to complete before you enter, with the quest named the Crowned Beast, and the Trial called the Ancient Trifecta, which is has you manipulate a beam to move a large platform. Do that OK, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Mezza Lo

The Mezza Lo shrine is located within the Hateno region, specifically due north of Hateno Tower, as far in that direction as you can go before reaching the Lanyaru region. To get there, head north from the tower and keep going until you reach an open grassy field, with a strange bird-man, called Kass, playing the harpsicord on a rock.

Speak to Kass and you'll receive the Shrine Quest, The Crowned Beast. In case it isn't clear from his semi-cryptic message, your job is to claim one of the nearby stags - the deer with antlers - as a mount, and ride it back to Kass.

Mezza Lo, The Croned Beast Quest and Ancient Trifecta trial solution

To catch and ride a stag, you have a couple of options. The first is to try and drop down onto one from above, using your paraglider and a well-timed button press.

That can be tricky, however, as much of the time they'll be amongst the trees nearby, and far from the cliffs. The act of climbing itself is noisy, and the deer only need to hear you once to run away and cause you to go find them again.

So the other option is to slowly creep up on a stag and, as it starts to charge around, hope that it comes close enough for you to mash the ride button quick enough to climb on top. Then, you need to rapidly press the soothe button to avoid getting thrown off, and once it's calmed down, ride it back to Kass.

That'll open up the shrine, and once inside you'll then start the Ancient Trifecta trial itself.

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On the right, you'll see a kind of beam, shooting towards a metal cube. It's your job to move the cube to the platform at the opposite end of the room and drop it on a pressure plate, whilst also managing to make your way onto the platform on the left to get the chest, and somehow get to the exit, on a raised platform too.

On moving the metal cube with Magnesis, you'll notice that the beam now hits the strange orange crystal nearby. Each time it hits that crystal, a podium will rotate around the room to a spot in front of one of the platforms.

The good news is the object firing the beam can be frozen with another of your runic abilities, Stasis. Move the metal cube to the pressure plate with Magnesis, first, which will open the gate to the exit.

Now head back to the ramped platform you started on, and repeatedly freeze and unfreeze the beam generator until the podium is in front of you.

Now keep going until you reach the platform with the chest...

...and then the exit. Hop across, and it's job done!

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