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Zelda Mo’a Keet and Metal Makes a Path trial solution near Foothill Stable in Breath of the Wild

How to beat the Eldin region trial.

Mo'a Keet is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Metal Makes a Path trial, involves a series of boulders that may be familiar from the game's opening shrines, but sees them coming more thick and fast.

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Where to find Mo'a Keet

Mo'a Keet shrine to the east of Foothill Stable in the south east of the Eldin Tower region, which you'll reach on the way north from Lanayru Tower (the region where you enterZora's Domain) up towards Death Mountain. Just take a short walk off the beaten path to the east and it'll be there.

Mo'a Keet and Metal Makes a Path trial solution

This Shrine contains three rolling boulder chutes with paths connecting them together. Only one comes down to the bottom, and as with the Owa Daim shrine, you'll need to use Statis on the boulder when it leaves the chute, stopping the flow so you can sprint up to the central platform.

Next, go right, where a metal boulder is rolling down. Stop it with Statis - it's probably easier to stand with your back to the chute, facing out where the metal boulder falls, to give you enough time to use the rune on it - and when suspended, sprint up and open the chest at the top containing the Knight's Broadsword.

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To complete the Shrine, grab this metal boulder using Magnesis (you can face the chute head on at the bottom this time), and carry it past the middle chute to the one on the far left.

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This far left chute has a continuous flow of boulders, but with the metal boulder hovering in front of you, you can use it as a blocker to push them out the way as you walk up. At the top is the altar to finish the Shrine.

(Note as we pushed up the chute one time, Magnesis disappeared - we're not sure whether we took too long, or pressed a button, but either way if you go direct from one chute to the next, the solution will work fine!)

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