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How to turn on Contextual Tap in Warzone 2.0 using Prioritize Interact

Speed up your game with just a few tweaks.

Operators looking for Contextual Tap in Warzone 2.0 should be turning their attention to the Prioritize Interact function.

This optional setting affects which context sensitive actions are performed at times when multiple interactions are possible, and allows you to perform different tasks with quick taps, rather than long button holds. In a firefight, this can be a literal life saver.

This guide will detail what exactly this function does in Warzone 2.0, and how to activate it.

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What is Contextual Tap or Prioritize Function on Warzone 2.0?

Winning on the battlefield of Warzone 2.0 requires interaction with your operator, loadout, and environment in many different ways. Ultimately, there are more functions than there are buttons on a controller. The solution is context sensitivety, different buttons will perform multiple functions depending on where you are looking and what you are doing. Most notably, reload and interact functions share the same default button.

So what happens if you need to reload your gun, and you are pointing at an interactable object, such as a door, at the same time? By default, reloading is done with a tap, while interactions can be performed with a long press.

It works well, but the extra seconds it takes can mean the difference between life and death in a gunfight. That’s where Prioritize Function comes into play.

This allows both reloads and interactions to happen with a simple tap - a feature previously known as Contextual Tap - as long as only one of the two options is available at a given moment. If there is a conflict, then you can prioritize which function remains a tap, and which is temporarily relegated to being a longer button hold.

With this option, entering vehicles, collecting loot, opening doors, and more becomes significantly quicker. Warzone 2.0 has a fast time-to-kill, so even shaving a few milliseconds on an action can save you when the bullets start to fly.

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How to turn on Prioritize Function in Warzone 2.0

Enabling Prioritize Function in Warzone 2.0 is a straightforward operation:

  1. Open the settings menu
  2. Navigate to the controller settings
  3. Locate the Interact/Reload Behavior option
  4. Select either Prioritize Interact or Prioritize Reload

You can change this option at any time. Both options have their place. Given the focus on combat in Warzone 2.0 Prioritize Reload tends to be a benefit more often. However, if your playstyle focuses on completing objectives while your team offers cover, then Prioritize Interact can save precious seconds in high pressure situations

There is no wrong choice, so go with what makes the most sense for you.

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