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What are AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2.0, and where can you find them?

Whether playing battle royale or DMZ, here's what you need to know.

AQ Soldiers are a type of enemy in Warzone 2.0.

In short, AQ Soldiers are AI-controlled adversaries that appear across the various modes, and are sometimes restricted to specific activities.

At the end of matches in Warzone 2.0, AQ Soldier kills are tallied, alongside score, operator kills, and damage done.

This page will explain what AQ soldiers are in Warzone 2.0, where to find them, and why you should be looking for them.

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What are AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2.0?

AQ Soldiers are the troops of the Al Qatala terrorist organization. These are the core bad guys of Modern Warfare 2.

More importantly, they are the AI-controlled adversaries in Warzone 2.0. They aren’t exceptionally smart, and relatively easy to kill, but can be dangerous - especially in large groups. They are an enemy that many squads will eliminate in large numbers.

Where to find AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2.0

Different modes on Modern Warfare 2 will utilize AQ Soldiers differently, and place them in different locations.

In standard Warzone modes, AQ Soldiers will be restricted to Strongholds and Black Sites. These are challenges where squads need to clear out AI-controlled enemies and complete objectives for rewards.

In DMZ, AQ Soldiers will populate throughout the map as a constant foil for you and your team. They exist primarily to defend objectives, harass your team when you call for Exfil. As you eliminate them, more will spawn in, making them more of an endemic threat, less of a specific challenge to overcome.

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Rewards for AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2.0

There are plenty of reasons killing AQ Soldiers is worth your time beyond just eliminating them as a threat to you and your squad.

Firstly, they are a steady and reliable source of XP. When you Exfil at the end of a match every AQ Soldier you took out contributes towards leveling you up.

If your squad takes out all of the AQ Soldiers in a Stronghold you will unlock your custom loadouts for the game. Given the scrounge-and-scavange nature of Warzone, being able to go and collect one of these - say for your M4 - can have a significant impact on battlefield effectiveness. The first team to clear a Stronghold also earns a Black Site key.

Elsewhere, if you make it into the Black Site and wipe out all of the AQ Soldiers you will earn a legendary item to use for the duration of that match and a weapon blueprint. This will permanently unlock a weapon for all game modes.

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