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Sony quiet on Gran Turismo 5 track editor

Non-denial denial from platform holder.

Sony has declined to confirm reports that Gran Turismo 5 features a track editor.

"We haven't confirmed this and aren't offering any other comment at this time," a spokesperson for the platform holder told Eurogamer this afternoon.

Over the weekend, E4G reported that the ambitious, long-in-development PS3 racing game would have one.

"Yes it will have a track editor," the site was reportedly told by developer Polyphony Digital. You will be able to rebuild a track from scratch or edit the tracks that are already put in Gran Turismo 5."

Were it to include the option to edit track layouts, that would certainly give GT5 a boost over its main competition, including Forza Motorsport 3 on Xbox 360.

It wouldn't be without precedent either - the Project Gotham Racing series on Xbox 360 didn't let you design tracks from the ground up, but it did allow you to plot your own courses through cities mapped by the developer.

GT5 is due out exclusively for PS3 in Japan next March, with a European release expected around the same time.